Sunday, April 4, 2010

April Joys

I love the month of April. It's spring. The weather is warming up. Flowers are blooming. And the robins are back from their beach homes in Cancun or wherever it is that they go. Plus, today is my half-birthday, so I'm exactly six months into being 39 years old, and six months away from being 39 years old again for another whole year.

This year, I have something extra to look forward to in April. At the end of the month, I'll be attending the Romance Writers of America Spring Fling Conference in Deerfield, Illinois. Spring Fling is organized every other year by the Chicago chapter of RWA. I attended two years ago and had a blast. This year should be even better.

My cousin Annmarie Ortega is going to be there, as well as one of her close writer buddies, Marianne LaCroix. I also know some other great writers who will belly-up to the bar with me over the action-packed weekend.

Spring Fling includes everything you could want from a writing conference: opportunities to meet literary agents, editors, and other writers, lavish dinners, panel discussions, and a multi-author book signing, not to mention a chocolate reception. I'm especially excited because I'll be speaking on a panel with my cousin Annmarie and Marianne about how an author's work is just beginning when she finishes that first manuscript.

So this year, April brings even more promise than usual. I hope to see you in Deerfield!

Peace and springtime,
Kimberly Garland
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