Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Spring Spring!

Oh, the barnyard is busy, in a regular tizzy, and the obvious reason is because of the season. Ma Nature's lyrical, with her yearly miracle Spring, Spring, Spring! All the hen-folk are hatchin' while their men-folk are scrathin' to ensure the survival of each brand new arrival. Each nest is twitterin', they're all baby-sitterin', Spring, Spring, Spring. It's a beehive of buddin' son and daughter life, every family has plans in view. Even down in the brook the underwater life Is forever blowin' bubbles too. Every field wears a bonnet with some spring daisies on it; even birds of a feather show their clothes off together. Sun's gettin' shinery, to spotlight the finery, Spring, Spring, Spring.

Yes, I am a HUGE 7 Brides for 7 Brothers fan! That is one of my favorite songs from the score and actually, whenever it becomes this time of year, I usually am humming or singing it throughout the day. After all, it seems a kind of magic is in the air this time of year.

One night we went to bed, the ground was dead and brown, the cold wind whipping the skeletons of the trees into a dance that filled the air with such horrible sounds. The the sun came up and suddenly there was color EVERYWHERE!

The tulip trees were heavily weighed down by their enormous mauve blooms, the brilliant green grass was dotted with shades of the rainbow blooming up filling the gently caressing warm breezes with perfumes no lab in the world could do justice to!

In the trees, chicks hatch, in burrows underground rabbits are born. And this year we had a new addition in time for Spring too!

Sterling Wayne Gordan was born on March 31 at 10:46 am. He's simply perfect, absolutely wonderful and I am totally in love with him. He and his big sister Alyx are the lights of my life and--if I DO say so myself--the BEST looking kids EVAH!

I've shared tons of pictures of Alyx with y'all over the years. Now I'm going to bore you with a few of Sterling:

Well, I had best get back to work. I'm so glad I'm able to spend a bit of time with y'all and I am so sorry my post was rather late. I've been easily distracted--in case you couldnt tell...LOL I'm hoping to avoid the siren call of my sweet angels long enough to get to work on some new material.

Demon's Fall still doesn't have an iron clad release date but I'm sure it won't be much longer!

In the meantime I'm busy with a few other projects--namely Alyx and Sterling--so I'm going to be hit and miss at the computer for a while. You know I have to admit being an Elisi is AWESOME! I love my kids but this is a whole new level. When the kids cry now--I have the option of passing them off back to their parents and going home! When dirty diapers needs changing, I just call on mommy and daddy and when I get them back they're fresh, clean and sweet smelling. All the fun and none of hte headache! Damn, I should've been an Elisi first! LOL

Hope y'all have a FABU April. I'm spending the rest of this month dividing my time between the little muppets and dealing with a daughter who's about to graduate. We're pouring over student loan applications, college brochures, pulling our hair out with financial concerns. I'm very excited to know my baby is going to be crossing that walk in a cap and gown...My job is almost done.

Suddenly I feel very VERY depressed. Better go and spend a little time with my babies.

See y'all next month!

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