Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patty's Day

Well, top o'the morning to ya.

Okay, it's obvious I'm not Irish, but like many, I love the charm of Ireland and dream of travelling there and being whisked away into a quaint thatch-roofed cottage but a hot Irish man....

Well, that's not really what St. Patrick's Day is about either. As a matter of fact, I really don't know what it stands for. Here in Canada, it's an excuse to drink green beer and talk in an Irish accent, whether you can do it or not. I, unfortunately, don't have the gift of the brogue, so I'll spare everyone and not do a very bad impersonation of Liam Neison.

I'm not one to celebrate many holidays. I enjoy them, I just don't take the time to get all worked up about them. Yes, some of my kids will agree to wear green tomorrow, though I discovered the original colour associated with St. Patty's Day was blue, not green, but it's more because it's fun than because they're celebrating the heritage of the day. I think it's that way with most holidays today. We go through the motions but don't really stop to consider the real values of the day.

So what does St. Patrick's Day mean to you? Are you up on your history, or like me, and toast the occasion with a green brew thick enough to stop a bullet? I'd love to know. Unfortunately, I'm also on the road and that's all the time I have this month. I promise to woo you next month.

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