Sunday, March 7, 2010

Flying by with a hi!

Hey everyone!

I'm so sorry I've been out of touch. Life has gotten way out of hand around here. Back in the end of January my grandmother had a nasty accident and her injury required 24 hour care. She's a wonderful woman but she can't tolerate strangers so the family decided that we'd do a rotation schedule that would allow one of us to always be there. Simply, right?

RIIIGHHHT...I move into her house on Sunday afternoons and I live there until Friday mornings. My mother and three aunts take turns coming in after work during the week to spend the night so that I can sleep and devote my daytime hours to her care. Unfortunately since the accident, I've had aunts and cousins with flu, work trips that could NOT be missed, and other last minute emergencies that have left me alone with her for two and three day stretches. Needless to say I'm exhuasted, and my writing time/socializing time have been compromised.

However, now that we're all in a routine, it's easier. Plus my grandmother is healing--slowly but she IS healing YAY! The doctor says we only have another four months of this...But we THINK (wish, hope, pray) that in another couple of weeks the round the clock care won't be neccessary.

Of course in a couple of weeks I'll have another distraction to swallow up my time. Our newest arrival is due on April 5th! That's right! Our little Alyx is going to have a baby brother! WOOOHOOHOO!!! We're counting down the days until little Sterling Gordan (I'm not sure if I've spelled that correctly. My son has a thing for odd spellings...i.e. Alyxzandreia is Alyx's full name so....HEHEHEH) arrives! I cannot WAIT to hold my new wee one in my arms! My DIL can't wait for ANYONE else to take over the carrying part--hehehe....

Well, I've had my batteries recharged and I'm getting ready to head out the door to start my shift with Nanny again in just an hour or so but I've missed all of you so much I wanted to pop in and assure y'all I'm not dead, just feeling that way...LOL

I look forward to getting back into my real life before long.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank ALL of you! I've received emails with words of encouragement, get well soon wishes, and support for our family like you wouldn't beleive! My readers, the staff and authors at RP and the RP readers are the GREATEST bunch of people on the planet! Thank you all for offering exactly what I've been needing--support and patience! Y'ALL ARE THE BEST!!!!

Better take off. DD wants to see me before I take off again.


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