Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Matter of Opinion

Greetings from Kentucky!

I was so excited by the beautiful cover art for my newly-released vampire romantic suspense, "Out of the Shadows," that I made my nephew take a color copy of it to my mom when he headed back to Ohio after visiting us. I could hardly wait to see what she'd have to say.

Before I had a chance to call and ask, my sister e-mailed me. Here were my mother's exact words: "It must be racy."

Personally, I think the cover is absolutely stunning and quite modest by today's standards -- rather like me, in fact. (She says with a wide grin.) It portrays the story while still letting the reader know there's an attraction between the main characters, and yes, it is acted upon!

That remark of my mother's has led to some interesting discussions with my friends and fellow writers. I have discovered that, as with all art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Some hate cartoony covers. Others prefer people on the cover rather than scenic views ... as long as the covers actually look like the characters! That, I think, is where I heard the most rabid opinions, from people who buy a book expecting the hero and heroine to look like the cover depiction and discover they don't.

So what kind of covers do you like? Reality, fantasy, people, places? I'd love to know!

And check out my cover and see if you think Mother knows best!

Cammie Eicher

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Genella deGrey said...

Great post, Cammie!

As long as the cover reveals or even hints at the time period, I'm down.

The cartoon covers made them all seem like contemporary comedies, and I never did pick one of those up.

I do like the scenery, but my fave is the headless H & H - you can still insert your own idea of their face that way. As long as the costuming is correct for the time period, that is. (Yes, I'm a history snob!)


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