Thursday, March 4, 2010

Knights on White Paper

Good news! Resplendence just released the print anthology Medieval Ménage! This book contains three thrilling historical romance novellas by three different authors. My story, "A Liar's Truth," blends adventure and romance with a touch of humor to create a compelling story that readers won't be able to put down.

This anthology is especially important to me because it's the first time I've ever been in print with my cousin Annmarie Ortega. Growing up in Chicago together, we shared a lot of things, but is new territory for us. I'm so happy that Resplendence was willing to publish our novellas in the same anthology. It got even better when they added an erotic medieval story by our friend Marianne LaCroix. When Annmarie suggested taking advantage of the three story theme by calling the anthology Medieval Ménage, everything fell into place.

I met Marianne a few years ago when I shared a room with her and Annmarie at the Romantic Times Romance Lover's Convention in Houston. We had a fantastic time and laughed like fools for an entire weekend. This year, we'll all be together again in April at the RWA Spring Fling conference in Deerfield, Illinois. We'll present a panel called "Now that the Manuscript's Done, the Work's Just Begun," as well as participate in the conference's book signing. It will be cool for all three of us to sign copies of the Medieval Ménage.

Happy reading to everyone, and I hope to see you at the conference in April!

Kimberly Garland

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