Sunday, December 20, 2009

Do you prefer Ebooks or Printed books?

As ebooks become the new wave of reading with awesome new technology like the new nook, sony and kindle eReaders, there are still die-hard readers who prefer the traditional printed books.

So are you someone who loves the convenience of downloading an ebook? Does the instant gratification give you a junkie-shot or "retail therapy"? Does the thought of helping the environment, knowing you are making a difference by saving paper and ink make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Or maybe you love the thought of buying a book cheaper, so you can get more bang for your buck. Who wouldn't love to read more romance stories?

Or are you a person who loves to roam colorful bookstore aisles. The smell of newly printed- paper filling your senses. Or when you reach the last page of the book, you can lovingly run your fingers of the embossed romantic cover and sigh with gratification.

So which do you prefer when reading a romance novel? Ebooks or printed books?

Electronic format or paper, a good novel is worth its weight in gold.

For your choice, my erotic Celtic series is available in both ebook and print. For more info check out my website on or

May you all have a magical day!

Lyn Armstrong

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Zetta Brown said...

I will always buy print books, but I LOVE my Sony E-Reader. Why? Because I can take dozens of books everywhere I go.

I used to have to commute to work 3hrs a day/90mins each way. Being crammed on trains and busses is no fun after a hard day at work. I used to carry a paperback, but it's a PIA when there's little room to move let alone open a book.

When I got my e-Reader, I put dozens of ebooks I had on my "to read" list on it. The Reader itself is 7x5" so it's the perfect size like a normal paperback.

However, I was able to catch up on so much reading because of it!
Plus, it's so much easier to take one of these on an airplane rather than stuff luggage full of books.

Nevertheless, I love my books and I will continue to buy print books to add to my library.

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