Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello 2010

Hello to a new year and a new decade! This is Jennifer Johnson, and 2010 is going to be a big year. Those years that end in zero feel like milestones. I should know. I'm turning 40 in April. Before I forget, you're invited to my party. My husband's not big into surprises, so I'm going to throw myself a surprise party. I'm still scouting locations, but I'll keep you informed!

Since today is New Year's Day, I'm participating in some traditions to celebrate the occasion. Like:

*Eating cabbage and black-eyed peas. This is to bring prosperity in the new year, but you have to remember to stick a few coins in the cabbage while it's cooking. My friend Mary puts dimes in her cabbage. But I say put some dollar coins in there! I'm going for BIG prosperity here. My friend Candi put a recipe on her Facebook last night for black eyed peas. She puts salsa in hers (along with the traditional pork and onions for flavor)and lets them simmer a few hours. Our peas have been soaking since last night so we're almost ready to get those babies started.

*No laundry on New Year's Day. Why not? My mom always told me it's bad luck. Fine with me! I'm glad for a reason to let the washer rest. However, I did stay up late last night getting one last load done. (Yes, that's right. I was NOT out partying last night with merry makers on the street watching the ball drop downtown. I stayed home, ate shrimp and pizza with my family, and did laundry in between Wii games. Actually a pretty awesome way to spend New Year's Eve!)

*Looking for a visitor. Some folks believe your first visitor of the year will either bring good luck or bad luck. I'm pretty sure our first visitor will be our neighbor Travis, this 13 year old kid from across the street. He's a cool kid, and my kids adore him so I'm putting the good luck emblem on him.

*And how am I feeling today? Great! I've also heard how you feel today will demonstrate how you feel throughout the new year. This is good enough reason for me not to overindulge the night before. There's nothing worse than a hangover when you can't do laundry. Anyone agree with me?? I'm kidding, of course. I think a hangover and laundry would definitely be worse.

Well, this about wraps this blog up except to say 2010 is going to be an awesome year for me because my first book from Resplendence is set to be released. The digital release is in April so maybe I'll combine my surprise birthday with a release party. Holding Out for a Hero will make its debut April 13.

Happy New Year!


MJFredrick said...

Blast. I wish I'd known that about the laundry about an hour ago ;)

Jennifer Johnson said...

Hmm. Well, you better not do any more just in case!

Genella deGrey said...

Come to RT and we'll celebrate our b-days together!

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