Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Sound of Silence

Peace and quiet, at least for me, is very hard to come by. Often it seems a story is always circulating in my head – demanding the spotlight. Plots, settings, characters, dialogue, and titles run rampant, begging to be put on paper to make room for more. Because of this I usually have some soft music playing, unless I’m writing an action or dramatic scene where I crank some angst metal. Oh yes, I like me some Disturbed or Gothic Metal to get my adrenaline pumping.
I crave the sound of silence more now than I ever did before. I seek a calmer existence. I get too caught up in the craziness of life and feel bombarded by all the noise.

Once in awhile I get lucky and find that peace and quiet. Those precious moments rejuvenate me. They inspire me. They soothe me. Over the weekend the family and I went to the coast to visit with my dad on his birthday and watch fireworks. Unfortunately the fog didn’t lift in time, so we didn’t get to see any, but that was okay. It was nice just to get away, and have a change of scenery. Even though it was a holiday and people were everywhere, I found a moment where I could escape and it was magical.

When I used to live near the coast, I was able to steal more of these moments, usually after work as a way to wind down. I’d watch the waves. Breathe in the fresh air. Taste the salt on my lips. It helped ground me. I felt the tension ooze from my body and sink into the ground. Nothing else existed right then. I could just get lost in nature’s rhythm. Someday I want to live by the beach again. I miss it.

~Ann Cory

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