Friday, July 10, 2009

Beach Time!

I am not really a big beach person. I much prefer to see the bottom of whatever I'm swimming in, sand just gets in the worst places, and who isn't self-conscious in a bathing suit?

But this year was one of my friend's 30thbirthday, and four days later, my 29th. And she wanted to do something different than a nice dinner out to celebrate the milestone. So the three of us are heading to the beach for some much needed R&R. And believe me, that R&R is VERY much needed.

And I'm heading off in a few minutes, so this is extremely brief - who knew I could say so little, huh? But I just wanted to wish everyone a happy summer, good beaching, and many fruity drinks.

Mine will come in a coconut and have a little umbrella.




Glynis said...

Have fun! Your drink sounds yummy.

Maddie James said...

Have fun, Cara! I wish I was you. (pout) :)

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