Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Can you tell I’m excited?

What has me so bouncy and uncharacteristically chipper?

Could it be that in 11 days I head off on my annual vacation with my best friend on the planet? Could it be the fact that this year not only will there be NO KIDS along but we’re also taking another dear friend? Could it be the anticipation of a week of ATVing, hiking, swimming, as well as hitting the tourist spots (which we don’t usually do)? Could it be the nervous worry of possibly repeating the accident that could have easily (and very nearly did) ended my life—and believe me, the nightmares have begun with a vengeance!

It could be but it isn’t—well, not all of it! Much of it has to do with the new contract I just signed! I’m so thrilled about this contract. The book was one I had wanted to write for a long time. The initial idea didn’t pan out but it slowly evolved over time and grew into one that I’m just thrilled to pieces to have written and sold! The book’s titled Demon’s Fall. Despite there being some romance in this book, I'd classify it more as an erotic horror. In fact a friend of mine who is a fabulous author, Rebecca Goings read it and said that if Stephen King wrote erotic, he'd have written something like this. Talk about making my day! SMOOCHES!

How about a little blurb:

What happens when a demon falls for an angel?

Tangela Teshua just recently buried her parents and has given up her city apartment to move back to the country house they left her. However, their deaths and her move are not the biggest changes coming to Tange’s life. Tange learns she is a guardian angel—or at least she will be when she over comes the challenges Satan will put in front of her.

Andras Belial’s father assigned him the task of destroying the newest being on the lighted path. But another battle looms on the horizon for Andras. His inner demon struggles against the strange formation of feelings, of a conscious growing to life. He falters even more when he meets Tange, the beautiful angel just might be able to save him.

Lucifer, infuriated that not only has Andras turned his back on his heritage but he has joined forces with an angel, sends an assassin demon after both Andras and Tange. Can they keep the demons at bay long enough to find happiness?

I’m currently creating a book video but until I get the bugs worked out I don’t have it ready to share. I’m trying a new program—not sure I’m loving it, but we’ll see. As soon as its ready I’ll be posting it about for your enjoyment!

You can keep up with when the book video is ready, the release date is announced or anything else happening in my world by going to my blog http://jingerjackson.blogspots.com or following me on Twitter http://twitter.com/JingerJackson

I should head off for now. I'll be back next month on the 7th--see you then!



Genella deGrey said...

Demon’s Fall sounds really cool, Jinger!
I look forward to seeing your trailer!

Glynis said...

Have a wonderful time! CONGRATULATIONS!

jingersnaps said...

Hi! JJ here, just popping in to let you know I've done the video--I made two actually. Their identical save for the music. I'd love it if you would drop by my blog, check out the videos and tell me which one you liked better.

Have a great week!


jingersnaps said...

UGh! I forgot the link for my blog...sorry! Here it is:

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