Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Somebody Loves Me!

Or they liked my writing at least.

I got my very first piece of fan mail the other day. I was so excited to see the email from someone other than my usual loop blasts when I opened my account. I mean, sure, my friends and relatives who've read my books have said they liked them. But what are they going to do? Tell me they hated them? And yes, I do value very highly the comments of my critter friends.

But this was from a stranger. Someone who doesn't know me, who didn't tell me I was a good writer when I was in high school. Someone who probably wouldn't know me if they passed me on the street. Someone who didn't buy a bookjust to say they had supported me, and then never read it (and yes, one of my coworkers purchased an e-copy of A Love in Disguise and had yet to read it 6 months later). Someone who, and I quote, "just read Sense and Sensuality. I absolutely loved it!"

I was doing the happy dance at my computer, and of course I had to read the letter out loud to my coworkers. They all rolled their eyes, and said "that's great...." in that tone where you know they don't care in the least and think you're crazy for getting so hyped up. But I didn't let that bother me. Because I got a fan letter!

I've posted an excerpt from Sense and Sensuality on my MySpace blog, and I hope you will stop by to read it ( To whet your appetite, here's a small taste of what you'll find in Sense and Sensuality:
Eleanor McLaren leads a subdued life. She hates parties, avoids social interactions, and she cannot talk to men. But within the shell of her timidity lies the heart of a siren. Afraid of her own boldness, she hides her desires. Especially from the man who stars in her dreams of passionate encounters and works in her department.

Eddie Harrington has never lacked for partners in his pleasure games. But for some reason, Eleanor is the one woman he can’t get out of his head. She is definitely not the type he usually pursues. Then he sees her at a bar, looking like his wildest fantasy. And one night with her is not going to be enough. The man who never commits just might have met his match—until a mistake from his past forces her to chose between trusting him or walking away.
Hope you enjoyed that sliver of SENSE AND SENSUALITY. It's available at Resplendence Publishing and Fictionwise. Come by my MySpace page to read more. Leave me a message while you're there! You know I love to hear from fans.
Cara Hart
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Terry Odell said...

I know the feeling. This is one of my favorites: I'm a mechanic, not a literature critic. ... I enjoyed reading Finding Sarah hugely.

Genella deGrey said...

Cara - I love stories like this!
Truly encouraging!
And it's the same with me; the people at my 9 to 5 just don't get it.

Maddie James said...

Yay,Cara! I'm so excited for you. Fan mail is THE BEST!

Congrats, sweetie. :)


Fran Lee Romance said...

I'm thrilled for you! A fan letter is worth a thousand "Oh, that's great"s from friends who couldn't care less.

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