Friday, February 20, 2009

Yah! I've finished Witch Hunter

I'm very excited, I just finished writing the last novel in the Celtic series, Witch Hunter. I cannot believe how long this book took me to write. Okay, okay, I admit Witch Hunter has a higher word count, but I had to write a grand finale for the series. Plus, this story focused on the historical witch trials in Edinburgh, 1591. Around the time King James sent Scotland into a frenzy of superstition and fear about witches. Thousands of innocent people were tortured and killed. And of course, my heroine is one of the victims. So it took me a long time in researching the exact details of the proceedings.
At times I got a little sick from reading the gruesome tortures done to "witches" to get a confession. I certainly would not like to have lived in those times and be accused of witchcraft.
Well if you want to read how my fair heroine handles the dungeons in Edinburgh, you can find Witch Hunter on on March 17th in ebook.

I hope you all have a safe and magical day.

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