Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To Travel Is Human

It’s no secret that I love to travel. In truth, I can’t sit my behind down too long and settle at home, or I start to literally climb the walls. So, what do I do? I obsess with why I should travel.

Considering that I’ve been home for a full month, with only a two hour day drive as my recent excursion, I’m itching to break out my new passport and go. Have you seen the new passports? They’re so pretty, with color pictures on every page and extremely patriotic scenes, that it would be an absolute sin not to use them as often as possible. Unfortunately, my next international trip isn’t scheduled till the summer, so I’ll have to save the passport and pull out the gas card.

Yes, I did say card! Nothing wrong with credit when it is done properly and the balance is paid promptly. Why not use the gas card? It will prime the pump, and it will help get our economy rolling in a positive direction. I’m a savvy consumer, so you can bet that I’ll be shopping for the best quality at the lowest price, and that simple act will encourage competition. The free market economy will be stirred back to life, putting more money in all our pockets.

Having more money in our pockets will allow us a greater opportunity to travel. It is documented through out time how important travel has been for mankind. Look really, really far back to times when people needed to travel to find food and sustain themselves. At all times in history, there were pilgrimages for spiritual growth and sharing, as well as travels spurred by negative things such as greed and occupation. There was travel for discovery and advancement. Imagine if Christopher Columbus never set sail. Would the earth still be flat? Then, it is in our nature to acquire beautiful items, such as those brought back along the Silk Road by the Polos. However, when we are true to ourselves, we see that some of our basic needs contradict our actions. Do our souls truly need all these material goods, or should we take a trip to a simpler place and detox?

You can tell from my rambling that I refuse to stay put. I have an innate need to travel and experience new places and cultures. Somehow, someway, I will put that new passport to use before the summer. Any suggestions?


Midnyte Dupree said...

Hi Aleka! I love this post. Makes me want to get out and travel too! I hope you get to use your passport before the summer! Have fun and stay safe where ever you go!


Leigh said...

Hey! We're (me and DH) are probably going to Brcelona/Greek Islands this fall. Yaaaaaay! I need a quick brush up on the Greek language. :~) And I need to know all the curse words--just in case. lol


Aleka Nakis said...

LOL, ladies.
And Leigh, when in Greece, just wave hard at people who annoy you.
I'll explain in person.

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