Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ahhh, Valentine's Day. Love. Cupid. Matchmaking?

Well, here we are again. February 14. Valentines Day. The day for chocolate and jewelry and roses and cupid and love.

Yesterday, while leaving my office, I saw a women walking out with a vase full of a dozen red roses. She had a huge smile on her face. Methinks somewhere last night there was a very happy man.

And, I heard but did not see this, that another man stood outside our office tower with a very large sign (my friend couldn't read it) and kept shouting something up toward one of the floors (it's a 26 floor building so who knows how far up the woman was). Eventually, she came down and raced into his arms. Music was blaring out of his car and they waltzed right there on the sidewalk in downtown Louisville.


Oh, I've had my share of Valentine's days. I remember when I was a little girl trying to analyze by the kind of Valentine I got from the boys at school which one might like me more. If there was a sucker attached, well, that meant something! During high school it was like...OMG...if you didn't get something what would you tell the girls? Now that I've had a number of Valentine's Days pass me by, I recall candy and roses and very pretty cards.

But now? Well, honestly, it's just another day - except for in my books. I'm not expecting anything because, um, there is not that special person in my life right now and you know what? That is perfectly fine with me.

Besides, I'm on South Beach. I can't eat the chocolate, right?

I have a friend who occasionally attempts to "matchmake" me with someone she knows. I've always found the concept of a matchmaker somewhat fascinating. Is it a gift? A profession? Just whim and fancy? It's never really worked out for me but I love books and movies with this premise.

I guess that's why it feels really good to be writing the series I'm working on right now. The Matchmaking Chef series is a spin-off of the Ladies of Legend books I co-write with my SisterWriter authors Jan Scarbrough, Janet Eaves and Magdalena Scott. The Matchmaking Chef is a series all of my own though. I've taken my favorite character from Finding Home, Suzie Matthews, and made her the central character in all five of the stories - a chef who matchmakes!

Perfectly Matched was just released last week at Resplendence Publishing. Keep on the lookout for Hot Crossed Buns, Dates du Jour, Side Dish, and Mate to Order coming throughout 2009.

So what about you? Ever heard of a matchmaking experience that worked? And what about your Valentine's Day today? C'mon, you gotta spill. What did you get? I'm living vicariously through you...

Love to all, Maddie


Jan Scarbrough said...

Maddie, Did you know Mr. Bill and I were "set up" by his co-worker? I knew her from the barn. On our first blind date we went to dinner and talked computers and kids. Five years later we married and that's been nine years ago! So matchmakers do exist and sometimes they even are successful!

Maddie James said...

Oh, and I remember, you made him wait for five years. I cant' believe that was 9 years ago. Man, how time flies....

Thanks for sharing, Jan!

Jennifer Johnson said...

Hey Maddie, I received a precious valentine from my five year old daughter. I'm doing something really neat at the church. We're having a sweetheart dinner in the choir loft which is the back balcony of the sanctuary with a HUGE gorgeous stained glass window as the back wall. There's a baby grand there and one lady is coming to play "smoochie" music (her term). I think it is going to be incredible. Though most are couples, we have several friends and people bringing their moms. I am really excited about it.

Yesterday afternoon I peeked in and it was decorated so pretty.

I know three single guys that are so wonderful. They are all in their mid to late twenties. I wish I knew some single women to fix them up with. Maddie, would you like one young enough that you can still train him?? I can hook you up.

Maddie James said...

Jennifer. Um. Yes!

Did I answer too quick?

Devon Matthews said...

Hi Maddie,

Darrell and I were matched by family members on BOTH SIDES of the family. I'm telling you, it was a conspiracy, and very funny to think about now. Some of the lengths they went to to make sure we were in the same place at the same time! If I told you the story, it sounds like the plot of a chick-flick. (hmm... maybe there's a contemp. idea in there somewhere for me) You see, Darrell is my cousin's brother-in-law, but we had never met. When my marriage went south, I moved to Ky. I'd been here a year when someone in the family got the idea we would be perfect for each other. And so it began. Anyway, we're coming up on our 21st anniversary. So, yes, some matches do work out, and very nicely, too. :o)

Happy Valentine's Day! Somewhere out there is your perfect match and, when the time is right, you'll meet him. :o)

Teresa Reasor said...

I got a homemade card from one of the little boys at school which I think was very sweet, and my mom bought me some really good chocolate. She's been staying with us a few days after cateract surgery.
Danny, my husband of 34 years, will probably come in with a box of chocolate later today or a bag of Hersey's kisses. That's about as romantic as he gets.

But I do remember receiving flowers one time from a fellow named Jeff when I was in high school. He lived in Hazard and worked at the television station there as a camera man. I met him while I was there doing a spot to advertise the Mussettes.(a girls singing group at Harlan High School) I sang for the program and he asked for my number. He was early twenties and I was 17. I didn't really expect to hear from him, but he called and came down to visit and met my family. He brought me a dozen yellow roses. He was very sweet, but alas distance and work/school got in the way and the romance died. But I still remember the flowers, they were my very first ones.

Congratulations on the matchmaker series!!!


Judy said...

I received a Mignon Faget necklace from my DH. ( She is a jewelry designer in Louisiana) It is a paw print (LSU Tigers) He always gets me something nice. He is a real good man!!! I'm lucky.

Magdalena Scott said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Maddie!

I think the matchmaking chef series is a great idea. I used to try matchmaking, but it was one of the [many] things I'm not-so-good at.
Fortunately some people have the knack!

Best of luck to Suzie in her endeavors...

Maddie James said...

Oooh, Judy, the jewelry sound lovely! I'll have to check out that designer. Lately I've become more fascinated with jewelry...and shoes...and handbags.... Oh, well, that's another subject.

Teresa, I remember when I was teaching I used to get the sweetest things from my students. I had forgotten all about that! Thanks for the reminder. I have a box I need to go through one of these days...

Devon, you are one of the lucky ones. And I know if it's right, someday Mr. Perfect will come along. Lord knows I've had enough runs at it. LOL

Thanks, Mags, about the series. You know how I love Suzie!

Maddie James said...

Oh, by the way, I just posted a blog over on my Life, Unedited blog about my son's Valentine's Day proposal last year. Check that out, too!

Tracy Preston - Romance Writer said...


My Valentine's Day is going a bit differently this year. Instead of flowers, candy, or jewelry, I'm getting my very own man servant for the day! That's right -- he has to do whatever I saw all day.

I thought I'd start with my ever present honey-do list, and transition into something a bit more romantic toward evening...when grandpa rides in on his white destrier to take the child away! He's already promised to cook me dinner later.

Ahhhh, I love it when he caters to me. It makes me feel so spoiled! Heeheehee. ;)


Catherine Chernow said...

I met my hubby at work - a very romantic, and funny story you can read on my website at

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

: )

Catherine Chernow

Catrina Calloway said...

Hi Maddie! Happy Valentine's Day.

Roses are red, violets are blue...have I got two hot, hunky heroes for you.

We shouldn't just celebrate the power of love once in February - we should all have that wonderful Valentine's Day feeling all year long. Let's appreciate our significant others (no matter how many), 365 days a year.

: )

Catrina Calloway

Maddie James said...

Tracy, you lucky girl! Oh, to have a man to boss around tonight and do my bidding... :)

Catherine, let's see. I met hubby #1 in college, hubby #2 on the rebound, and hubby #3, um, we don't wanna talk about that... To be truly honest, I'm done with hubby hunting!

Sounds like you have a keeper though and that is a very good thing.

Catrina, dahling, all I can say is bring on the hotties...

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