Sunday, February 8, 2009

My favorite part of a man

For my very first post here at the RP Gem Blog, I thought I’d write about my favorite part of a man.

It’s difficult for me to choose one part I like best because there are so many luscious parts that make up a man, but I decided to challenge myself.

The verdict: Eyes.

The eyes do it for me, though strong hands and a tight ass are tied for second.

What is it about the eyes? That is a little more difficult for me to pin down. I judge a lot by the eyes. Are they the windows into the soul? Maybe. They can evoke all sorts of emotions. Sexy. Brooding. Playful. Seductive. Curiosity. Anger. Lust. Fear. Those are just a few of course.

But I think my preference for the eyes is how a man makes me feel when I’m with him. I want a man to look at me in a way that I know I’m his. A sensual stare that makes my legs feel like I’ve been peddling for five non-stop hours in spin class. A half-lidded gaze that ensures I’ll have to change my panties before I go anywhere or risk a lot of questions. A look of hunger that radiates I’m going to get a licking between my thighs like I’ve never experienced before.

Does color matter? If he’s looking at me with one of the above scenarios – hell no. My preference leans toward blue eyes. Maybe because my husband’s eyes are blue and I can stare into them forever. Maybe I’m just drawn to blue because it’s my favorite color.

Regardless, the eyes have it for me. One look and I melt.

~Ann Cory


Jolene said...

congrats on your first blog post here.. i havent been here before so thanks for the group post to invite us.. so many yummy parts of a man.. its hard to pick just one.. but eyes are pretty darned sexy arent they..

Ann Cory said...

Hi Jolene - thank you for stopping by! Yes, many many parts to drool over on a man. It was a tough call *wink*

~Ann Cory

EdgesAngel23 said...

Hi Ann!
I totally agree with you! For me it's all about eyes and butts! But mostly I notice a man's eyes before his butt...I also love a man with pretty hair! Especially if it's long and flowy!!
Ashley A

sandyy456 said...

Like you, I'm also a fan of eyes. This may sound strang, but I also like a strong forearm. I don't know why, but I love to see the muscles moving in a man's arm as he'd working with his hands!

Pam P said...

While all those other fine parts can get your attention,itt's the eyes for me, too,Ann, they can convey so much about what a person's emotions.

Ann Cory said...

Waving hi to Ashley :) Yeah, it's hard to not check out that butt - but (lol) those eyes will get me everytime :)


Ann Cory said...

Hi Sandy - not strange at all. Strong arms are hot - and strong, sturdy hands. Those construction guys make me drool! :) Thanks for stopping by!

~Ann Cory

Ann Cory said...

I agree Pam. Blank expressions or just a coldness to the eyes make me look away immediately. They let me know I don't want to know anything more about them.

Loretta said...

Hi Ann, Do you notice also that some people will not look you staight in the eyes sometimes, because they are lying to you. lol
I go for a big strong chest myself to lay my head on at night or day. I agree that it is nice to have a man look at you as if he could just eat you up and never let you go. And blue eyes, my husband also has blue eyes. I also want that look that will just make you melt also.

Ann Cory said...

I agree Loretta - a strong chest is very nice - to run the hands along, to rest your face on, and oh just to stare at, lol. :) Thank you for stopping by!!
~Ann :)

Judy said...

I love his eyes!! My problem is sometimes I don't make it up to the eyes:)

Ann Cory said...

LOL!! I love where your mind is going Judy :) *wink* Thanks for stopping by!!

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