Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Dog Ate My Homework, and A Lot of Other Lousy Excuses

I'm a little late with this blog today.

Usually I write the blog the night before, and have it post at 2 AM so that all my wonderful fans will see it immediately upon awaking and checking Gems of Romantic Fiction. I am just that much in demand, and I want to please my public (at least one person, out there, right? There's one of you? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? LOL). But I have to admit I completely forgot about this. I saw it on my calendar the other day, I included it on my list of things to do for yesterday, and still I forgot. Of course, I really didn't do anything that I had planned to do yesterday. I was very lazy.

But I do have an excuse, I promise! I was in California for work this past weekend, and games were rain delayed, so we ended up playing at 10 and 12 eastern time. That's at night. Then we played again Sunday morning at 9 am, and had to rush to hop on our plane to come home. And our connection in Denver was delayed. So I didn't get home until about 3 am yesterday morning. The whole time I was in California, I was on eastern time, and now that I'm back, I'm still on Pacific time. What is that? So instead of doing what I was supposed to do, which included grocery shopping and a Target run, when I saw that my class was cancelled (halleluiah!), I settled down with a Big Mac and a DVD of Season Two of The Tudors (McDonald's and Henry Cavill are my comfort foods. He is SOOOO cute!).

So, that is why I am late in posting this blog. I was a lazy SOB after travelling for work. And I'm getting sick.

So there.

Be Yourself,

Cara Hart
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Resplendence Publishing said...

Oh, wow, Cara! If I had known you were galavanting across the country I probably would have waited a couple of days before pestering you about the blurb for your upcoming release LOVE NOT A THIEF.

Meh, then again, it was a great blurb! (Like how I got that plug in there?) :)

Love ya!


Resplendence Publishing said...

Oh Leigh, I needed to do it anyway. I also needed to write a blurb for my erotic short story, SENSE AND SENSULAITY, which will be published as part of the HOT FOR TEACHER ANTHOLOGY in May.

Like how I got THAT plug in there? Haha. Thanks for checking out the blog. Travelling's no excuse for not getting my work done!

Love ya back!

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