Saturday, February 7, 2009

It’s that time of the month again…

(How apropos considering Kimberly’s previous post, no? LOL)
My turn to blog… I used to love blogging as proved by the 7 blogs that I participate in. But lately blogging has become a hassle. Why? Glad you asked. I never know what to talk about. I’ve read some blogs where the author talked about Aunt Sue’s bunion removal. Another wrote about the monster their 2-year old was turning into. (Umm hello! It’s called the terrible 2’s for a reason! Mine are still going through it—at 20 and 17…and my 20 y/o is married with a baby!)

Each time I try to blog, I feel a sense of panic. I love the promotional aspect of blogging but I hate to only talk about my books EVERY post. I love to talk about my baby Alyx, but I’m not a fool, there is bragging and there is annoyance.

So that leaves me staggering. What do I talk about? Well today I’m blogging about my writing. (you thought you were going to get out of, didn’t you…J)

I have a book I’m working on now that I really hope will go over in a big way with TPTB. Of course I have to finish it before I can submit it. This book is like the Blob—while writing, I was inspired with another book idea on a secondary character. This spun into an idea for a 4 book series that I’d love to see published.

Now you have to understand me as a writer. The voices in my head drive me bonkers. If I don’t stoop what I’m doing and work on the idea that popped into my mind then I lose it. The characters in that particular book have hissy fits and tell me to…well a polite interpretation would be to pop off. This series of books is a bit of lighthearted fun. They are planned to be sexy (thought not quite as hot as Egyptian Nights was).

Then my previous obsession returned with a vengeance. What is my obsession? (hint: it’s not Calvin Klein) It’s a horror story that haunted me in the night until I sat down and wrote it out. This book is creepy, and more than a little disturbing.

I love the concept and I’m totally digging the interaction between the hero and heroine. They go together like oil and water. But this book isn’t a romance. It does hint at a romantic interlude this book is all about the nightmare.

Are you curious? Yeah? KEWL! I usually sit on my ideas but I think I’ll share this one…(maybe it will entice the previously mentioned PTB…)

So here is the blurb on the idea:

Morgan Creek

Alvarro Schmidt is a small town sheriff in Morgan Creek, Missouri. His jurisdiction is sixty-nine square miles of Ozark national forest and tiny little town of Morgan Creek proper. In all his twenty years as sheriff, life has been quiet in Morgan Creek. Sure there was the occasional drunk getting reckless. Sometimes humanity clashed with wildlife and he had to help clean up the mess. But what’s happening now is beyond anything he could ever imagine. Four people have been brutally murdered and what’s worse the animal responsible is something from a horror movie.
The DOSR, Department of Scientific Research, is a secret government agency that has research scientist working on everything from bio-weapons to energy packs. If something goes wrong, they send secret agents in to clean up the mess. This is where Sage Lee comes in. This time she’s been sent out to capture a creature that wasn’t even supposed to exist.
Sage and the hardheaded Sheriff work against the clock to find this science experiment gone wrong before anyone else dies.
How do you track something that was created for its agility, stealth, hunting ability, intelligence and strength?

Sounds good, right? The opening scene made chills race up my spine—but that’s what happens when you wake up from a nightmare as graphically detailed at this one was. I can’t wait to get it done and sent in. Let’s keep our fingers crossed I can keep the other voices tightly gagged.)

Wow, I did come up with something to blog about after all. Imagine that!

I hope you all have a terrific weekend and a FABU February.



Annmarie Ortega said...

I have found that I am actually addicted to blogging. I have an ongoing list of topics that I think of and use it every day.And I will say that my blog isn't the typical writers blog. I've found that not having a blog strictly about my writing has gotten me more readers and more responses than before. And some of my posts actually make me laugh out loud. Or I end up calling Kim and Mari to tell them to see what I posted and we end up having a good laugh. I also do your not so typical book reviews. And I LOVE putting up videos from youtube ( I am the self proclaimed Video Vixen!! haha) If you want to see for yourself my link is

Loretta said...

Well I think your did a good job on blogging. I have one and don't go there often enough and write stuff, but of course I not an author but a avid reader who just loves to read. I thought of putting up book covers of my favorite authors and book blubs if they don't mind and if I have read the book then say what I thought of it. There are so many good books I have read. Just reading the excerpt you posted here has me wanting to run out and but the books as soon as it comes out.

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