Friday, December 26, 2008

Busting the Myth

Christmas is over, the wrapping paper is strewn under the tree, and the fudge-buzz is turning into a hangover. Well, my friends, the time for truth has come, and we need to reflect on things before we usher in the new year.

Put away those credit cards, and forget boxing day for a minute. Consider how Santa treated you yesterday. Did you get all your heart’s desires? Where you naughty or nice? And then, the real question: What does Santa truly want from you in exchange for those fab trinkets?

Since we were old enough to walk, we’ve been taught that Santa wants us to be nice. But, let us be honest for a second. Santa is a freaking man! What man really wants us to be nice? I don’t know about you, but to me, it has been apparent that nice girls don’t get very far. It is always the ones that push the envelope and take a few risks that not only have more fun, but get their stockings filled with the good stuff.

So, take the day to be a little extra naughty. Eat more chocolate, have that extra martini, and skip the practical stuff in the mall for that skimpy lingerie store. (It might also help if you give in to that inner child, and hit the novelty shops all those teenagers swarm.)

Okay, I’m keeping it short and sweet. The UPS guy just arrived with two packages. The first, a special delivery from a handsome dude that is too far away to make me smile in person. He left on business last night, but Mr. Handsome doesn’t want me to be lonely, so he’s sent a few gifts in a plain brown box. Plus, he’s thoughtful enough to include the batteries.—Can’t be ungrateful. The other thing that just landed at my front door is from Amazon, Handcuffs and Lace – the new Resplendence Publishing anthology I have the pleasure of writing in.

I plan on snuggling in for the rest of the day. Got my dark chocolate, two great new books to read (Red Garters, Snow and Mistletoe and Handcuffs and Lace), new bath products that smell so yummy, and I’ll be ready for tonight's party in no time.

Here’s to wishing you a Naughty New Year full of laughter, health, and love.

Demi Alex
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