Sunday, December 28, 2008

Enlarging the Comfort Zone

I was on the radio last week. Amazing! Cat Johnson of All Romance eBooks interviewed Maddie James, Jan Scarbrough, and me about the Ladies of Legend series, on Blog Talk Radio. Of course I was scared, had my phone in a death grip, as I hoped she wouldn’t ask me anything I didn’t know. But I must admit, it was an almost pleasant experience. I didn’t freeze up, or hang up, or freak out (I don’t think).

This was just the most recent instance of stepping outside my comfort zone. Back when Maddie, Jan, Janet Eaves and I started calling ourselves the SisterWriters, there was talk of beginning a group blog. Well…I wasn’t sure about that. Not sure I could, you know, step out that far. Now, not only can you not shut me up on SisterWriters, but I blog here once a month, and six days a week I post at my own blog, Welcome to Magdalenaville. I’m just this blogging fool.

Before the multiblogs, I decided I really, really needed a website. With help from another writer who had created her own, I did that too. Although it looks simplistic, and I think of having it professionally done, to be honest I kind of like messing around with it.

But MySpace? Nope. Probably not. Unless, well, maybe if it’s good for the Legend series, I could do something occasionally on the Ladies of Legend MySpace site. As long as I couldn’t mess anything up by accident… Soon I was addicted to that, and about a year ago put up my own MySpace. Will wonders never cease?

Then I was hearing about Facebook, yadda yadda yadda. And no one had to encourage me to try Facebook. I jumped into it—face first! And have even found some friends from my shadowy past on there, in addition to networking with readers and writers.

And woe unto those who meet me in the local grocery store and ask about my writing, because they’re likely to hear more than they expect. If I have my purse handy, they’ll also get a book cover postcard or two for their trouble. I’m into shameless promotion for my books, and for ebooks in general.

Twitter you say? Well, not much. Not yet. It’s only a matter of time, I imagine. Because this comfort zone of mine is getting rather spacious.

Magdalena Scott


Jan Scarbrough said...

Mags, you have really taken to all this electronic promotion stuff. Resplendence editors dragged me onto MySpace, but I've yet to try Facebook. Congrats on not being timid any more!

Magdalena Scott said...

Well... I wouldn't say I've left timidity behind. I just am not *quite* as timid as I used to be. :)

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