Saturday, November 22, 2008

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hello everyone... My name is Annmarie Ortega and I am the author of Deal With the Devil. I thought I'd explain a bit about how that story came to exist. Actually, it started out as a writing assignment I had a few years ago in college. (I'm going for my Bachelor's Degree in Fiction writing here in Chicago).My assignment was to write about what would happen if you had a character make a deal with the devil. When I started writing, the story took a life of it's own and Deal With the Devil was created. Here is a description of the story:

Marie knows she deserves the promotion she's applied for, but thanks to her co-worker (the boss' girlfriend), she knows she'll never get it. Sitting alone at a bar the night before she learns who will actually land the job, she meets a mysterious and devilishly sexy stranger who promises that all her dreams will be fulfilled...if they make a deal.

Before the night is over, Marie signs a contract with Nate in her own blood. Nate doesn't want her soul in return for fulfilling all that she desires. He wants her body...whenever and wherever he demands.

Could Marie have made a deal with the Devil himself?

Now in keeping with the whole devil theme, I wanted to share a video with you. This video is of my friend Michael McDermott. He is a musician here in Chicago that I've known for years. (If you ever get to see the video for his song "Just West of Eden" you might just see me dancing around!!) Now I happen to think Michael is an amazing talent ( and very cute too...LOL). Here he is performing "Sympathy for the Devil". (See, I actually have a theme here!!) haha I hope you enjoy! BTW, if you pay attention in the beginning you will hear Michael say "If a shot of whiskey were to make it's way up to the stage, I just might drink it." ; )


Minnette Meador said...

Wow, Anniemarie, your book sounds really good and what a treat to listen to your friend. He's got an amazing voice (and yes, he is cute, too ~teehee~). :)

Maddie James said...

Great video, Annmarie! And I love the premise of the book, too. :)


Kimberly Garland said...

Nice tie-in between the blog and video! I believe I saw Michael perform live many years ago. And if I recall correctly, Annmarie is the one who dragged me to the show. :)

Annmarie said...

Yes Kim, that was a show at Northern.

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