Friday, November 21, 2008

My name is Lyn Armstrong and I'm one of the Aussie romance writers for Resplendence Publishing. I write historical erotic romance with a touch of fantasy. But more about that later. First, let me tell you a little about myself. I grew up in Brisbane, Australia with an adventurous mother who did not like to settle in any one place for long. So I traveled the world extensively. I've lived in the U.K, Portugal and America (twice). Plus I've traveled across Europe, New Zealand, America and Australia, visiting some amazing places and people.
But my one true love was always Scotland. I love everything about the beautiful country. So much so, I write about its amazing-and somtimes brutal-history in the Celtic series.
The Celtic Series
In a superstitious time where witches are prosecuted and magick considered the devil’s work, a Scottish clan filled with secret Celtic powers must fight an evil darkness threatening their existence.
The Celtic series has five books in total:
The Last Celtic Witch
The Celtic Witch & the Sorcerer
Heart of a Warlock
Lady of the Mountain
Witch Hunter (released in Jan 2009)
A warning though, these books are very HOT. This is not your grandmother's sweet romance. LOL.

All titles accept Witch Hunter are available on or

Question of the day:
My favorite destination is Scotland, what is yours?

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Minnette Meador said...

I would love to go to Scotland myself...but my heart belongs to Italy and Greece ~sigh~ I'm so jealous of people who have traveled extensively; I'm lucky to have gone to Mexico and Canada once! My husband and I have talked about visiting the temples in Viet Nam and southern India, too. One day...

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