Monday, November 1, 2010

Reflecting on mortality

About two months ago I went to the doctor because I had this place on my back that drove me crazy itching all the time. "Take it off," I told her. And to my frustration, she didn't do it. Instead she took off another spot. She didn't even get it right! Grrr. When I went back to get the stitches out and fuss at her for taking off the wrong spot, she informed me the piece she had cut out and sent to Cincinnati had come back as positive for melanoma.


It seems that having fair skin and probably too many sunburns as a kid has come back to haunt me.

I was reminded of a scene from my book Holding Out for a Hero in which the heroine, Abigail, has a close call and reflects on her own life. She decides she's going to enjoy each day as it comes because who knows? It might be her last!

For me, the word and diagnosis of melanoma has given me the opportunity to decide, yes, my life is pretty good, and I'm not ready to check out of it yet. I'll go forward with the treatment and wear sunscreen every time I'm in the sun.

It also gives me the opportunity to be thankful for so many great things in my life--such as having Holding Out for a Hero published by Resplendence. That's definitely a dream come true.

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Glynis said...

I wish you well and many happy years! It must have been a horrible shock. You have the right attitude, and the right doctor by the sounds.

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