Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween and Hard Candy Kisses?

Hi all! I'm gearing up for Trick or Treat this weekend but wanted to stop in for a quick minute. I think I'm posting out of turn and I missed my normal posting for the past couple of months, so I hope you will forgive! (Please feel free to post over me!) I'll make this short and sweet (hard candy kisses sweet!). So excited to share with you that Hard Candy Kisses was voted the 5 Heart Sweetheart Review of the week from The Romance Studio! Just had to share or bust a gut.  LOL

Have a great Halloween! Save some Reece's Cups for me, 'kay?

This week's 5 Heart Sweetheart...
"Ms. Maddie James has, once again, carried her readers through the area of Legend, Tennessee, and made us want to read non-stop. This quick-paced book is another in the series of this small town I have, personally, grown to love. James has a unique ability of telling the new story while revisiting old friends from previous books. It’s almost like a family reunion—we meet the new folks in the group while reacquainting ourselves with the others."
Her characters are dynamic, vibrant people that become great friends as you read through the series. She has the capability of weaving her subordinate characters along with each of the others which tells an incredible story. She is a great author and this book is one of the best. I highly recommend it." - Brenda Talley
Order it today!

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