Thursday, October 8, 2009

I turned 37 today!

I can't believe that I'm 37 today! Well, if you want to get exact about it - I was born October 8th, 1972 at 6:13pm, so I have a little time left to feel young, lol. My mom said that I interrupted my doctor's dinner, demanding to be born. She was mowing the yard. Don't ask me why she was mowing the lawn at 9 months, she refuses to answer me. Though, when I was pregnant with my son, I was scrubbing the bathroom floor w/ a toothbrush the night before I went in to have the labor induced. It must run in the family, lol.

It's a bit of a reflection day for me. I was born in my favorite month during my favorite season. No complaints here. The 80s were and will always be my favorite time to grow up in. I think I have a memory that goes with every song released in the 80s, lol. One of my favorite scenes from a movie is in Sixteen Candles when Molly Ringwald gets her man at the end. There's cake, a kiss, and a great song playing. I know that's how I'll feel tonight when hubby serves my cake (gluten free for health reasons) and leans in for the kiss :)

One of my favorite birthdays ever was when I turned 7. I had 18 girls and 1 boy - George - I had such a crush on him! The theme was Wonder Woman and I made him kiss me in front of all my friends or I wouldn't let him have cake. I'd have to say not much has changed since then ;)

This time around hubby is taking me to my favorite gluten free pizza place, to see the movie Whip It (I so can't wait for that), and then back home for the cake, ice cream, and gifts! I've asked for Borders giftcards. There are a ton of books that I'm itching to buy! I dropped enough hints the last few months, lol.

But as much as I like to receive gifts - I enjoy giving them out too. Leave a post and you're entered to win a copy of one of my Resplendence titles: Their Lady Liberty, Breakfast at Tiffany's or Immortally Theirs - it will be winner's choice.

Okay, I'm off to have some fun!

~Ann Cory


T. said...

Happy Birthday!!! Have a fabulous day. Cheers. T.

Ann Cory said...

Thank you so very much!!! *tossing confetti*


s7anna said...

Happy Happy Birthday Ann!!! Many many happy blessings upon you!!! Make sure you rest up before you hit the bookstore otherwise you might get a book freeze (similar to an ice cream freeze/sugar rush) :P

Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Reading!!!
Anna Shah Hoque

Chris R said...

Happy Birthday Ann!

Enjoy the time with your hubby.

jennifer said...

happy birthday.

Glynis said...

Have a wonderful time! I am an October baby too, but over 37 ;0

Fran Lee said...

Happy birthday, Ann! Have a wonderful day!

Ann Cory said...

Lol Thank you Anna - very wise words. I know when I go into a bookstore I feel like a bull charging - err w/o charging the credit card of course ;) I would love to call ahead and tell them to clear a path for me.

That would be a great bday present - a bookstore open just for me :)


Ann Cory said...

Thank you Chris :) I sure will. He was very surprised I wanted pizza and a movie rather than something more romantic. I told him to save up that romantic idea for another time and let's just have fun!


Ann Cory said...

Thank you so much Jennifer!!

*tossing confetti*

Ann Cory said...

Yay October babies! Thank you Glynis :) When is your bday?

Ann Cory said...

Thank you miss Fabulous Fran :) Very much appreciated!!

*blows party horn*

s7anna said...

Wouldn't that be the bee's knees!!! (don't ask me why but I felt like using that expression today!!!) An entire bookstore open just for moi...okay..give me a moment while I quietly go wipe away the excess drool... :P I'm sure you're going to have a BLAST!!!

Happy Happy Birthday!!! (we're getting closer to the time that you were actually born...just a couple of hours and you'll have made your grand Entrance to this world!!!)

I'll make sure the champagne and cake(gluten free of course) is ready :)

Happy Reading!!!
Anna Shah Hoque

Judy said...

Have a Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your birthday and your DH.

Mindy said...

Great idea:)
Your own personal bookstore & your own hero to act out scenes with ;)
Happy Birthday Ann, Make it a super day:)

Ann Cory said...

Thank you Anna :) Yes, gluten free cake for sure! There's a gluten free bakery nearby that bakes some delicious goodies...and I can eat everything in there. Ahem - not that I would, exactly, lol.


Ann Cory said...

Thank you so much Judy!!! I'm so excited, we're leaving in an hour :) WOO HOO!

Ann Cory said...

Oh wow Mindy, I hadn't thought of the hero bit and acting out a now I really really want to do that. Great suggestion! And thank you :)

*tossing confetti*

Julie said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like it's going to be great!

s7anna said... is your Birthday...Go a little wild and splurge at the bakery...calories DO NOT COUNT!!! on your
B-Day!!! :P

Have a great dinner...and a wonderful celebration with hubby!!! Hope you get all the GCs' you wanted!!! :)

Happy Reading!!!
Anna Shah Hoque



Happy Birthday!!!! Enjoy yourself and many more.

loretta canton

Ann Cory said...

Thank you so much Julie - it was a wonderful day and I slept like a baby, probably with a big goofy grin on my face *BG* lol

Ann Cory said...

Tee hee - thank you Anna - I did splurge and it was delicious. The entire day was special. Hubby surprised me a little after noon w/ a stuffed birthday bear, balloons, and flowers. Then we did the yummy pizza thing and movie (Oh my word Whip It was so much fun), and then at home we had cake, ice cream, and a small glass of wine. Oh yes, I got lots of giftcards - especially Borders cards so today I'm going shopping!!! One of the best bdays I've had in a long time :)


Ann Cory said...

Thank you so very much Loretta!!! *hugs and confetti*

Ann Cory said...

Okay - thank you to everyone who stopped by today - I'm going to put everyone's name in a hat, drive hubby to work so I can have the car today (for shopping purposes), and then come back to announce winners.

Be back soon!

Ann Cory said...

Okay - since I currently have 3 books w/ Resplendence - I decided to pick 3 winners rather than 2. Plus I'm on birthday bliss overload :) lol.

Here are the names I drew:


I'll be sending emails in the next bit - please check your spam folders just in case.

Thank you to everyone who posted and for all your birthday wishes!


~Ann :)

Julie said...

Congrats to the winners!

Booksrforever123 said...

happy belated birthday from another old timer of 42

Kimberly Garland said...

Happy birthday! My birthday is October 4, which (oddly) makes me feel personally involved in everyone else's early October birthdays. All of us Libras have to stick together, right? :)

Catherine Chernow said...

Happy belated birthday, Ann. Love the cover for your new release, IMMORTALLY THEIRS. (Looks like a couple of very hot, sexy vampires).

Hugs from...
Catherine Chernow

Lyn Armstrong said...

Oh great blog, Ann. I'm 37 as well and I remember every song in the
80's as well. I loved Pretty in Pink, I used to listen to the cassette over and over again. To this day, I can sing every song without missing a word.
The 80's rocked! ;0)

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