Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wicked Burn

Yesterday my husband and DD went to the local park and spent the day on the ATVs. My dd and I are burnt. I'm actually a deep burgandy red, my DD is merely a dark pink--however the pain is intense...but it was totally worth it! My new ATV was broken in well. We did quite a bit of muddin'. The hardest part was the bathroom situation. Poor DD had never really b een exposed to outhouses before. She said she'd hold it until we left, then begged for us to stop at a truck stop or somewhere along the way home.

Part of the fun was celebrating my latest contract sale. I'm THRILLED to announce that Resplendence Publishing will be publishing my newest erotic horror/thriller. The title is in process of being changed. It didnt work so as soon as we have a title firmed I'll be sharing more information. You can read the blurb over at my blog

I submitted a second manuscript this past week and hope it won't be long before I get results on it. I'll keep you updated on that as well.

The weather is getting stormy again so I need to take ooff before I loose power. See you all on July 7th!

Have a fabulous month, enjoy all those great graduation parties, beautiful weddings, weekend campouts and backyard bbqs!

Be safe and HAPPY READING!

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