Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two Weeks To Go!

I'm so excited!

My second novel, Love Not a Thief, is being released by RP on March 24th, two weeks from today. It's my first stab at a medieval setting, and I hope I've portrayed it well. Writing about a life most of us can't possibly imagine is not the easiest. Regency period is more popular, through Jane Austen books and movies, and because of the boom in the romance genre. But it's good to get out of the safe zone, to think about some other aspects of our history.

Love Not a Thief is a Robin Hood-esque story, set in Nottingham during the upheaval of King Richard's imprisonment in Austria. My hero has been on crusade, and returned a little shattered. My heroine has been a prisoner in her own home, forced to live under the strictures of a greedy guardian with political aspirations. Prince John's followers are aiming for a coup. And there's a band of outlaws running amok in the forest beyond Nottingham. But don't think you know the plot...there are a few twists to liven up this wonderful folk tale.

The idea came to me a few years ago when I was actually in Nottingham at the castle. The only part of the castle that is still standing is the gatehouse, which is a 13th century structure. The castle during the late 12th century was still wood. So Kevin Costner's castle in Prince of Thieves is not acurate (thanks, Hollywood!). Today, a large stately mansion containing an art museum sits on the site of the original castle, which was destroyed during the peasant's riots a few centuries after Robin Hood was making his rounds. Interestingly enough, Edward III entered the castle proper through what is called Mortimer's Hole, a series of caves in the cliffs upon which the castle was built. It was those caves that inspired this story. Visitors can tour the caves and buy gifts in the shop inside the gatehouse.

Take a peak at Love Not a Thief -

Robert DeLyon has had enough of war after returning from Crusade. His new task seems simple enough—travel north and collect the bride his father has chosen for him. Yet, beneath the fa├žade of suitor, he is charged with learning the identity of the mastermind of a coup to displace the absent King Richard. And despite his abhorrence of thieves, the group who attacked him in the woods outside his betrothed’s home has given him the perfect reason to wander the manor in search of information.

Marianne DuBois has watched her guardian strip her people of their health and livelihoods all in the name of greed. Tired of his abuse, she gathers the men he banished from the property into a band of rogues. Together, they steal back the money their families have surrendered to her guardian. None have found them, none can stop them. Marianne is determined to save her people from starvation, outwitting every man in Nottingham. Every man, that is, save the one who has arrived to marry her.

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