Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cinderella is an also-ran?

I'm so disappointed. I had no clue that Cinderella is now an also-ran.

Last evening I went to Disney on Ice with my daughter and three grandchildren, ages five, three and two. Their eyes lit up and they were held spellbound as Mickey and Minnie skated out and emceed the evening and all the favorite Disney characters came to life. They clapped and yelled, “Hey Mickie Mouse!” just like all the rest of the kids. (I won't talk any about the whining, or having to go pee, or begging for cotton candy, or squirming in the seats or anything.)

It truly was a wonderful show. Very nicely done.

And, I know the kids loved it.

But I was disappointed. Why? Because Cinderella was sort of an also-ran. When did Cinderella become an also-ran? I mean, like, she’s CINDERELLA!

She had one short ice dance with the prince. No mention of the slipper or the wicked stepmother or the fairy godmother, and they didn’t even do the song with the birds, which is my favorite part of the movie.

No. None of that.

Now, they did do Toy Story. Boring.

They did, The Incredibles, whatever they are.

And they did Mulan, some Chinese chick who turned into a fighter to save the day, or something.

But Cinderella got the shaft.

I even thought that maybe she’d be the grand finale, all dressed up in her princess dress, and that the prince would be all decked out, and there would be a pumpkin carriage that would sail them away to happily-ever-after land.

But no. The finale belonged to the Lion King. Which is okay. I love the Lion King.

But I wanted Cinderella.

I may pout all day. What's romance author to do when she realizes Cinderella is an also-ran?

(can you see me crossing my arms and scowling?)



Magdalena Scott said...

Maddie, that is so sad! Maybe next time the Grands come to your house, you can treat them to a Cinderella-a-thon.

She's my favorite Disney princess, too. *sniff*

Catherine Chernow said...

I love Cinderella, too!

Remember those little 'Golden Books' you could read as a child? (Ok, so I'm really dating myself here and showing my age), but one of my fav little 'Golden Books' was Cinderella.

I don't think Cinderella is an 'also-ran.' She gets the prince in the end, and triumphs over her evil stepmom and stepsisters.

And I think the Cinderella theme runs through lots of romance novels I've read.

I say...three cheers for Cinderella!

: )

Catherine Chernow

Catrina Calloway said...

What a great topic to blog about, Maddie! Cinderella is one of my favorite Disney characters, too.

(As a matter of fact, in one of my romance stories, EIGHT EROTIC NIGHTS, the heroine compares herself to Cinderella).

: )

Catrina Calloway

Maddie James said...

Dating myself here, too, Catherine. Perhaps that's why I'm not connected with Mulan and The Incredibles, and such. I'm sure many of the children there were thrilled with those (all though my grands were like, huh? too young, perhaps). But the romantic in me still loves the dance of romance that Disney spun on all it's characters of the years. sigh. I was hooked as a preschooler. :)

Tia Fanning said...


I'm sorry the Cinderella story didn't play. I'm not a big fan of Toy Story or the Incrediables either.

I would have loved to see Mulan, though. What a beautiful love story! And I used to think Shang was sooo hot... well, hot for a cartoon hero. (LOL!)


Teresa Reasor said...

I'm with you sister. Cinderella and Snow White are the Bomb!!
Hate they didn't do much with her character. And the pumpkin coach would have been awsome.
Teresa R.

Mia Watts said...

Action figures beat out romance. Heroines who fight physically instead of using wiles. Changing of the guard?

Loathe Toy Story.

Jennifer Johnson said...

Hey Maddie,
I would say that the "my prince will take me away from my horrible life" concept is outdated, however there's this new rage called "Twilight" in which the prince is a vampire, and Cinderella is named Bella. Oh, my gosh, what a hero. So princely, so yummy...

Bronwyn Green said... Cinderella? That just seems weird. I have a friend who loves Cinderella too - she collects different versions of Cinderella picture books and has well over a hundred now.

At least you had a good time with the kidlets though - minus the whining, begging and peeing. ;)

Janet Eaves said...
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Janet Eaves said...

Poor Cinderella.

I don't care if times have changed. There is still nothing wrong with a handsome young man coming into your life and changing it for the better.

If only life were like fiction. Having a teenage daughter, and being around today's available males, I can assure you there are lots of frogs to dig through... Haven't seen any prince's lately. So, long story short, we all need the fantasy!

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