Saturday, December 13, 2008

More about romantic heroes

Earlier this month I blogged about romantic heroes, and was left with an empty slot on my Classic Top 10 list. Whom did I miss? Stewart Granger, of course. I realized my error a few days later when I watched the original 1950 version of King Solomon’s Mines on TCM. What a great movie!

I’ve received feedback which forces me to compile another list. Let’s call this the Middle Aged List, as opposed to the Classic List. Again, in no particular order:

Robert Redford
Tom Berenger
Aidan Quinn
George Cooney
Paul Newman
Tom Selleck
Sean Connery
Sam Elliot
Kevin Costner
Harrison Ford

So, what exactly makes a man attractive? I believe there is a reliable way of measuring the impact a man will have on female hearts. It’s called the TVC index. (TVC = testosterone/vulnerability/charm.) Together with a coworker called Pam, we came up with the idea during a boring business dinner. We started talking about movie heroes and why we liked some but not others, and the concept fell into place. We tested it on the men around the room and it worked. Every time.

You may ask, is this what women employed as senior managers in some of our largest companies do during business meetings. Well, yes. Sometimes. But only over dinner, and after a few drinks.

So, here goes:

You rate a man high/low/medium on the three aspects: testosterone, vulnerability, and charm, to get his score. Some combinations are more attractive than others. It’s pretty obvious, really, when you start to experiment.

Example one:
Arnold Schwarzenegger: high T, low V, medium C
Jean-Claude van Damme: high T, high V, medium C
Two men, both as macho as they come, but the testosterone is so much more attractive when combined with vulnerability.

Example two:
Kevin Costner: medium T, high V, high C
Roger Moore: medium T, low V, high C
Lots of charm makes you too smooth, unless you have some testosterone and vulnerability to temper it.

See? I could go on, but I’m sure you’ve already grasped the concept. Here are some more examples:

Sylvester Stallone: High T, high V, low C – the high V does it for me.
Brad Pitt: Medium T, medium V, medium C – leaves me cold.

The TVC index is taken from my unpublished romantic suspense novel THE RINGMASTER. I need to do some more work on the draft before the book is ready for publication, but I wanted share the idea with you now.

Whom do you want to grade? Leave a comment!


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