Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hello everyone

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jinger Jackson and I write erotic and horror romances. I'm very excited to be part of the RP family. My fellow authors totally rock!

All right a little bit about me. I'm a married Pisces who lives in a suburb of St. Louis. I have two children and one furbaby. I also have a daughter-in-law and a daughter once removed. (I refuse to use the g-word. I'm not old enough for that yet!)

My first book Egyptian Nights was inspired by a combination of things: My love of Ancient Egypt and my humongous crush on Oded Fehr (yes I know he's actually Israeli but he was totally convincing in The Mummy movies!)

Have you read this book yet? Why not?! You aren't familiar with it? Okay here's some information on:
Pharaoh Neremhotep has spent an eternity being punished for cowardice. The loss of his lover Sabola and their unborn child destroyed him. When the Hyksos invaded his palace, despondent he refused to defend his land, his people, and more importantly the gods. In eternal torment he’s remembered every delicious piece of Sabola’s body. That has made his punishment complete.

Sable Howard’s been given the gift of a lifetime. A money-no-object trip to Egypt. The heat of the days is nothing compared to the hotter Egyptian Nights. Since the day she arrived she’s been having dreams of an exotic man in a large palace. Dreams that leave her breathless.

Given a second chance by the gods Rem must find the reborn spirit of his Sabola and remind her of their love. How hard can that be?

Want to read an excerpt? All righty, here's the link: Egyptian Nights Love it, right? Well you can order it here

My second book was written out my second love: Horror. I've always been fascinated by Vlad Dracul--The Romanian Prince (Voivode) whose cruelty supposedly inspired Bram Stoker and his Dracula. In the history of Romania Vlad is viewed as a national hero (as well as a cruel Tyrant) This contradiction of personality made me wonder what he was truly like. Were his crimes exaggerated by his enemies as some historians claim? Was the more behind his madness than meets the eyes? This got me to thinking. More to his madness...huh what if...and the story took on a life of its own from there. It was almost as if Vlad were standing in the room with me talking to me. Creepy? Kind of. A psychiatrist would have a field day with my delusion, right? LOL

Anyway, if your into horror I hope you'll check out this book. Here's the blurb. In my humble opinion I think this book totally rocks! (And if you prefer a book to hold in your hands rather than read e-published, you can do that too! YAY!)

Here's the blurb: Enjoy!
An obsession that spans time…A love that endures… beyond death…

Allana Simpson is cursed. Love only brings death to everyone around her. She longs for a normal life with one man that she can give her heart to without killing him.

Tom Haugan never believed in curses until he met Allana. She opens up a world for him that he never knew existed. A world he never wished to learn about.

Tom wants to protect Allana, to heal her heart and take away her pain. The closer he gets, the more "accidents" occur. He’s not willing to give up on what they could have. Allana’s longing for Tom and the dream of a future filled with happiness weakens her resolve to remain alone. She trusts him and decides to let him in. Now death stalks them both…

Are you intrigued yet? Then go ahead and order it! You can find it in print here or if you prefer electronic click here. You can also find it on

Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to introduce myself. I hope you'll come back soon. I post on the 7th of each month and I'd love to see you back.

Also, I hope you take the time to get to know the rest of Resplendence gang. You won't be disappointed. We're a talented bunch, if I do say so myself!

Hugz and see you in a month!

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Minnette Meador said...

OMG...another Oded fan. He is wonderful! Anyway, Egytian Nights is a fabulous book for anyone who hasn't read it yet. Very hot and a wonderful story, too. Can't wait to read the next one...Thanks for sharing! M:)

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