Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Found the Perfect Present on Fictionwise!

This morning, Demi Alex was up before me, shocking me with that simple fact.

Unwrap Me, I'm Yours is on Fictionwise.

So, Jon, the perfect Christmas present is now available at a discount.

In this holiday release, Unwrap Me, I'm Yours, you can lose yourself in a New York Christmas, with a twist.

Jon is Hope's Edward. He is dreamy, arrogant, sexy, and ohhhh so self-assured. To top it all off, he is Hope's Christmas present. You see, Hope can be any one of us girls. She is cheated on by her college sweetheart with her cousin and leaves home to avoid contact with them. Her cousin's betrayal stings more than the ex's, but the no-control-d**k-head doesn't want to go away. He keeps showing up at family gatherings and charms the family into accepting his lying butt. To preserve her sanity, Hope makes excuses to stay away for Thanksgiving. She creates a boyfriend and the need to visit his parents. Then, right before Christmas, Hope is pushed to the edge and announces that she got engaged the same weekend that the ex and her cousin were married. Now she needs to bring that fiancé home for the holidays! Enter, Jon, the sexy café owner who has made her a latte addict.

Click here to read the first chapter.

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