Monday, November 10, 2008

Truth Is Found in the Strangest Places

It is never too late to be what you might have been. – George Eliot

I was in Barnes and Noble the other day, once again spending my hard-earned cash on more books I really don’t need (who does, after all – but I want them!), when I saw this quote on a bookmark. I’m usually not one for motivational quotes, or for quotes of the day, or for memorizing other people’s words, but there was something about this one, this statement, that was just me.

I work long hours, and I’m also taking English classes at the university where I work. And I write. In my spare time, which is less than I would wish it was. Why do I torture myself this way, I often think, on those days when the job takes a particularly large chunk of my time and I am extra fatigued as I walk from my office to my car. I could just stick with the career I chose, that I trained six years for, that I spent two years extremely lonely for, that I’ve sacrificed a life for. Oh wait, that’s right. That’s why. That fatigue, that loneliness, that sacrifice. I’m spending more time on something that brings me pleasure because I want something other than what I have at this moment.

I starting writing because I’d thought about it for a while, and I had time. I wrote my first book when I lived in the boondocks of Kentucky (believe me when I say there are plenty – and I lived in the middle of them all). And I liked it. I liked typing, the Sunday mornings with a pot of coffee and an idea. I liked the feeling of reading what I’d just put on the page. That feeling of satisfaction you get at the end of a good story by one of your favorite authors? I got it after seeing something I’d done. That’s when I had an epiphany – maybe I wasn’t doing what I should have been. Maybe there was something else out there for me. Something that brought me enjoyment.

So, I will attest that George Eliot knew what she was talking about. Life might be short, but never be afraid to take a risk and make a change. You might not want to buy the hideously expensive bookmark with a great quote on it (I didn’t – I googled it when I got to work), but there’s truth in the words.

Be yourself.

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Elaine Saunders - Complete Text said...

Can I add another motivational quote to your list.

The main reason most people are never published is because they don't write anything.

Can't remember now who said it but it's so true. Well done you for getting on with it.

Great post

Elaine Saunders
Author - Fiction Writing Exercises
Complete Text

Magdalena Scott said...

Ms. Eliot is definitely an inspiration. But you know what? So are you, Cara!

All the best,

Seneca said...

I know I need all the books I buy. They are my escape out of real life :)

I like quotes. I have a diary that I jot down all the good ones in

Minnette Meador said...

Nicely said, Cara...Ms. Eliot has nothing over you, sweetie. M:)

Mia Jae said...

Cara, so true, so true! You sound so much like much like so many of us who just strive to BE... to be who we are inside. Great post.


Mia Jae said...

Um... I mean, signed, Mia. LOL

Ha! I guess I should check to see which way I'm logged in. :)

Kimberly Garland said...

Great quote! Isn't it amazing how a few well-chosen words can give us motivation? I'm glad you're following your dream.

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