Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Hello! I'm Kimberly Garland and I'm new to Resplendence Publishing. I've recently signed a contract for the publication of my medieval romance novella "A Liar's Truth." I'm very excited to be part of the Resplendence family.

Today is election day in America. We're electing a new president, members our national legislature, and a lot of other state and local offices across the country. I love election day. It's a hopeful time for a better future. It's an opportunity for men and women to participate in their government and make real choices for their lives. And, oddly, it makes me think about the historical romance novels that I love to read. That last one probably needs some explanation, doesn't it?

I really enjoy a good historical romance with exotic locations and gorgeous alpha-male type heroes who protect beautiful women in flowing gowns. However, as good as these are for an escape, I'm grateful that I spend my real life in a modern democracy instead. I like having the right to vote and being able to help choose my leaders – even when I occasionally get stuck with one who I personally wouldn't hire to clean my cat litter boxes. I have no desire to live hundreds of years ago in a world when women had all the legal and political rights of sheep wearing corsets. Even if those corsets made my waist look tiny and my boobs look huge.

An added bonus is that the modern world has lots of other conveniences besides political power for women. Medicine leaps to mind, specifically Advil, antibiotics, and vasectomies. I also like electric lights, indoor plumbing, and microwaves. How did people survive before Comcast On Demand, Lycra, and Goretex? Don't even get me started on the wonders of word processors or the Internet.

I believe that today we have the best of both worlds. We can pick up any number of terrific historical romances whenever we like and be instantly transported to another time and place. We can imagine ourselves being swept away by a dashing knight or a rakish lord. We can enjoy all the romance of a bygone era, without any of the worry or inconvenience. The fact that antiperspirant, laser hair removal, and mouthwash weren't readily available in feudal England isn't a problem in a fantasy world. The lack of these items definitely was a problem in reality during that time, though. And the fact that we won't die of syphilis or in childbirth after hopping into bed with the hunky hero is right up there on a list of things to be thankful for.

Yes, reading books about romantic times in the past, while living in a modern world, is a perfect compromise. I get to enjoy the fantasy of living in a time long ago and far away, while also having the rights of a citizen in a free society. Best of all, today I get to try and make my country and world a better place. It's election day.

Peace and better government,


Renee DeMarcus said...

Great post, Kim!

Sheep wearing corsets--that made me laugh outloud.

And I agree with you, election day is a great day to reflect on the value of women's rights and how far we've come in that regard.

It's also a terrific day to get lost in a romance novel--after voting, of course!


Carol Lynne said...

I agree with you, Kim. When I read books about a hunky Native American hero, I always try not to wonder how much buffalo or bear fat he has smeared on his skin to protect him from the cold. LOL It's much nicer to think he smells like pine or cedar.

Excellent post.

Regina Carlysle said...

Over the years, I've written a number of regency set historicals and I have to tell you, living back then, as a woman, would just suck. No rights to speak of.

I voted last week in early voting and I have to say I've never missed an election in all these years. There's just something special about casting your vote. Makes me feel as if I'm part of something BIG and my voice counts for something.

Minnette Meador said...

Great article, Kim - When I was researching ancient Britannia, the great thing was that Celtic women actually had a lot more rights than other historical woman, but it was still difficult for them; if you were poor those right didn't pertain to you. The Romans put an end to that...their woman, even though they could own land and usually did, still were not considered citizens. Makes you appreciate what we have...and how far we have yet to go. Thanks for sharing! M:)

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