Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday 56

Happy Fall Friday everyone,

Jennifer Johnson here with some fun in the form of what my friend Rene Vincent calls (drum roll please)

That's right.

Friday 56

What you do is look at the book closest to you and find page 56. Then you post whatever is on there.

Well, I just thought this was a nifty exercise, so I scrolled down to that page on my book Holding Out for a Hero to see what was there.

And it happens to be a scene in which the heroine is trying to impress some girls in her charge by demonstrating a dance routine she performed in college.

So, here it is, page 56 from Holding Out for a Hero

I liked the dance and hadn’t done it in years until today. I wasn’t quite as limber as I should be and had been, but I did a pretty awesome job. At the end of the song this time, loud claps came from the doorway. I turned to see all of the staff whooping it up for me. I bowed. Even if those tweens didn’t appreciate me, the adults seemed to.
Enya was discarded and the boom, boom started up. Adult repellent. Mr. Harvey and the rest disappeared from the doorway. I started after them, but Erica grabbed my arm.
“Uh huh, Miss Abigail, if you won’t let us do our thrusts, you have to help us redo the routine.”
I studied the fourteen year old before me. She looked so serious. “Erica, you don’t need my help. You girls know a thousand moves. I’ve seen you.”
“If you don’t want us doing the thrusts, you’ve got to stay and help us.” She was adamant.
“I don’t think my ears can take that long enough to work out a dance,” I grumbled.
Erica turned and nodded to some of the other girls who had stood up and were forming their lines.
I walked over to the other side of the room where Angel was painting, tore off part of a paper towel, and stuffed bits in my ears. Now I was ready.

Intrigued? Just wait until you get to page 57 with the pelvic thrusts!

And later on there is the....Oh, but I better stop. I might be getting close to spoiler territory.

Want to learn more about Holding Out? Click HERE. And to learn more about me, visit my website HERE.

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