Thursday, January 7, 2010


Hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The release of Demon's Fall has been postponed for a time. I LOVED writing this book! After all, when one is writing about a demon, one can be just as wicked as your heart desires and not have to worry...or should I...I absolutely LOVE my hero and heroine. However, I decided to make some changes to the manuscript and the folks here at RP are SO WONDERFUL and AUTHOR friendly they agreed to give me the time to make those changes. Can you say THANK YOU? I know I can! So, as soon as the changes have been made and the new release date revealed, I'll be shouting out loud and long.

Meanwhile, I'd like to share a little about this book with you.

In looks, Andras resembles a wonderfully talented musician named Tuomas Holopainen--most notably known for his work with the Finnish operatic metal band Nightwish. He's sin-ply adorable.

As I wrote the heroine I kept envisioning her as a lovely, petite auburn with a strong personality and great conviction. When filling out my cover art form I wanted to give the artists a visual reference and there was only one person who could have done Tange justice: Alicia Silverstone.

There are obvious differences in my characters: Tangela has a heart shaped freckle on her eyeball, her eyes are a lighter shade and her hair has copper accents to it. Andras is 6 feet tall when in his human form and Tuomas is not quite that tall. Plus, Andras has broader shoulders, a wider chest and his eyes have a glint of amber in their black depths. And, there's the whole demon form issue...

Anyway...As soon as the cover art is approved I'll be popping in to share it.

I need to take off and get some work done. It's the first week back in my office after a nearly three week holiday hiatus plus I'm in the middle of a cheesecake. Baking it, not eating it--yet. My little Alyx turns two today and on her first birthday she loved my cheesecake so much I promised her every year for her birthday I'd bake a cheesecake. It's going to be fun getting Dora the Explorer and candles in to decorate the darn thing but an Elisi can't break her promise!

As my father said in his New Years Eve toast May the best days of 2009 be the worst days of 2010...yeah it had a few people scratching their heads, LOL So here is my wish for you: May 2010 bring only happiness and health, properity and joy.


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Here's why Alicia Silverstone turned vegan!

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