Sunday, November 8, 2009

Primed Suspect by Ann Cory - available now

Unfortunately I ended up getting the flu, so instead of some witty post that I'd hoped to write, I'm going to leave you with my newest release from RP - Primed Suspect. This is a sexy short BDSM/light paranormal story that is part of the Handcuffs and Lace series.


Cassidy Valance is one part woman, one part Kitsune – a rare shape-shifting fox. She finds solace inside an estate, away from the hunters who have invaded her home in the forest. As a woman she finds the nights unsatisfying with her insatiable appetite for sex. Tired of prowling for men to slake her relentless desires, Cassidy yearns for one man who can tame her wild ways, and love her despite what she is.

Officer Ian Valenti is assigned to investigate an abandoned estate after reports of unusual activity are called into the station. Since the death of his wife, he has fully devoted himself to his job. When he goes to inspect the house, he finds the suspect inside, naked and alluring.

Ian’s instincts and years serving on the force tell him to cuff Cassidy and haul her in for breaking and entering. But she would rather he cuff her and treat her like the submissive she longs to be. With her restrained and primed, Ian brings Cassidy’s fantasies of a Master to life. And willingly lets down the guard around his heart.


Cassidy stretched the kinks out her fox form and shivered. Another minute outside and she’d never warm up. The new moon made it dark enough for her to change into her human form by. She nudged her nose against the special rock with its hidden key and with her tongue slid the black piece open. Between her teeth she gripped the key and allowed the transformation into a woman happen.

Naked, she hurried to the doorway and thrust the key into the lock. With a quick turn of the knob she entered. To get the blood circulating in her legs, she ran up the luxurious staircase and straight into the study. She raised the tasseled cushion of the window seat and grasped the lace robe. Though sheer and lightweight it offered a covering while she lit a fire.

She’d never bothered with a fire in the house before, but tonight she had little choice. Nothing short of an embrace from strong, powerful arms would temper her inner chill. While the flames crackled in the stone fireplace, Cassidy admired the familiar items inside the old trunk in the corner she’d discovered from an earlier visit. She considered it a treasure chest with its handheld mirror, jeweled hair combs, elbow-length satin gloves, and her favorite¾a lace choker that she fastened around her throat. It made her think of a collar. Something she never wanted as a fox. But with the right Master, she would dutifully wear and oblige to all his demands.

Many wintry nights she stole inside and sat with a book on her lap, envisioning what she would do if this were her home. She’d work out in the garden. Let her fingers sink into the cool earth and grow everything from fruits to vegetables to herbs and wildflowers. She would laze in the sun on a tree-strung hammock. Read a book by the water fountain. And always have a fresh bouquet of daisies on the dining room table.

Most of her ideas came from pictures found in magazines left inside the old walnut desk drawers. The ones that depicted how domesticated women lived and the homes they kept. Showed how they dressed. Some wore elegant gowns that swept along the floor. Others dressed in outfits that exposed miles of skin. Both styles appealed to her. The pictures were a glimpse into a life she longed to be part of, but feared.

Cassidy closed up the trunk and took a seat in the velvet chair. She loved its lush material against her skin. It fit her body well, as if made for her. She let the robe fall open so the heat from the fire bathed her skin. The soft texture against her bare sex sent tiny thrills along her spine. All the pictures and magazines couldn’t distract her from the gnawing need coiling deep inside her core. The insistent need for sex worsened at the onslaught of spring. Relief would have to come by her own hand tonight.

She had long since given up on being satisfied by strangers who thought only of their needs. Her cravings went further and more risqué than anything they could accomplish. She needed a man who could tame the wild beast inside her. Until then she’d forever be at the mercy of an insatiable libido. Unsatisfied and sex-starved.

She shifted forward and draped a thigh over the armrest. Her fingers moved down the triangular patch of hair along her mound and traced the smooth skin of her labia. She sighed in ecstasy against the first flicker of her fingertips along her clit. The sensitive pearl demanded more. Cassidy pushed her fingers inside her slick channel and her inner muscles clutched tight. What she wouldn’t give for a hard, thick cock to slake her carnal desires. She leaned her head back and let her eyes fall shut while thoughts of a Master filled her mind.

(copyright 2009)

~Ann Cory
Author of contemporary and paranormal romance – seduction style


s7anna said...

Love it Ann. Can't wait till I get my heads on it.

Feel better soon :)

Happy Reading

Wendy said...

mmmmmmm this sounds totally nummy!!!! Resplendence has soooo many good books out right now, where do I start!!!!???

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