Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Five Favorite Erotic Words

Each year I find there are certain words I tend to use often throughout my stories. These are words that inspire me or put me into a specific mood or frame of mind. They set the tone and create a certain atmosphere. They might be used to describe a scene or my characters, sometimes an attitude or behavior.

Favorite words:

Smolder – I love this word and how my lips move when I say it. This is a seductive and suggestive look and I use it for both male and female characters. If you follow me on Facebook, it’s also the name of my cute pet dragon.

Lush – this is a newer favorite. I like how it sounds. Its short yet packs a punch. I use it for a female character, typically to describe her skin or a setting, and more often in contemporaries with a high degree of heat. I was actually called a lush once. Alcohol and flirtatious behavior was involved. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Decadent РI will throw this into a very heated sex scene, typically a BDSM or shifter/vampire story. I like the way it looks and how it sounds. I like how it sounds. I think of something almost forbidden and naughty. It makes my mouth water to think about. I liken it to cr̬me brulee or a velvety rich chocolate mousse. This one has replaced an old favorite Рsavor.

Carnal – this word is dark and dangerous to me. I use it with a shifter/paranormal story and for both the male and female character. It’s raw, it’s a hunger, it’s a deep burning craving that takes over the mind, body, and soul. I use to favor primal but I don’t know – I just like the tone that carnal sets.

Insatiable – to me this is a little more elegant and subdued compared to carnal. I use it for a more sensuous scene and only with a female character. There are very few words I like that start with an “I” and this is one of them. Another is ivory. My husband seems to think I have an insatiable appetite for wine and chocolate. He could be right.

Some of my old favorites include: sinful, savor, voluptuous, voracious, rapacious, and ravish.

What are some of your favorite erotic words?

~Ann Cory


Fran Lee said...

My favorite erotic words are "lush", "decadent" "devour" "delicious" "lave" and many, many more. Words that conjure an evocative scene. Thanks for the great blog!

Julia Barrett said...

I love your words! Nice choices. Delicious is a good one, slick is another, wet, silk, like me some 'thrust' or 'thrusting'. I dislike drip, gush, hate 'channel'. Sounds like the guy is sailing a ship through a channel! LOL!

Ann Cory said...

Thank you Fran :) I appreciate you stopping by!!! *hugs*

Ann Cory said...

Great words Julia - silk is definitely a favorite too :) Thanks so much for popping in! *tossing confetti*

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