Friday, August 14, 2009

World Floating

I float between a couple of worlds. I bet you do, too. And the reason why I bet you do, is because I figure the majority of the people reading this blog are women--and that's what women often do. We float.

In my half-century+ of living (ugh, that sounds really old, huh?) I've floated between a lot of worlds -- wife, mother, daughter, teacher, caretaker, chauffeur, artist/crafter, musician, cook, housecleaner, gardener, leader, follower, grandmother, sister, aunt, mentor, wanna-be archaeologist, bed & breakfast owner and Peace Corp volunteer... and writer.

In no particular order of importance or priority.

Because, how can we prioritize the roles we take on in our worlds? We can't. So, we juggle, we dance, we float. We do.

There are worlds that we have to live in more than others. When my children were small, I had to live in the caretaker, mother, wife, cook, houseclearner, etc., world on a daily basis. My writing world at that time was very small. It was there, but tiny. There were worlds that were there but only in my head, like those wanna-be worlds of studying archeology, owning a B&B, and flying off to Africa to work in the Peace Corp. Who knows, perhaps those worlds are yet to be.

I've recently realized, as I've had a bit of time to reflect lately on such things, that my world has totally flipped. I knew it, of course, but hadn't truly embraced it. My children are grown. I live alone. I have kittens and plants now who need me on a daily basis, not children or a husband. I can count the worlds I float through on one hand now--the world of my day job, my writing, and my personal/private life (which includes family and friends). Oh, sure, I still cook and clean, but on my own terms and I love that! I'm not accountable to anyone but myself.

It feels balanced.

This, too, I'm sure, will change as time goes on. Worlds change and so do roles. I've come to realize that the change is a welcome part of life; however, I am excited about the world I am in RIGHT NOW.

I live large in my writing world today. I love living large in my writing world! I know its time has come and for that, I am thankful. But I do not ever discount the other worlds I've lived in, or the future worlds to come, because they make up who I am--as a person, a mother, a teacher, daughter, a mentor, a writer...and perhaps even a future B&B owner. Who knows?

So, what about you? What worlds do you float between?

Maddie James

Writing as Mia Jae


Genella deGrey said...

Neat post! I tend to think of it as switching hats.

I seem to switch the most between lover/wife (I consider those the same), mother, Exec. Assistant, writer.

Everything beyond that becomes smaller time-wise.


Maddie James said...

Thanks for stopping by, Genella. I just peeked at your blog. Very interesting stuff there, too!

Paris said...

I think women have been the original multi-taskers from day one;-)we will always wear many hats, but what I've found in my fifty odd years is that we're also very good at re-fashioning our hats to suit our lives.

Great post!

Kim Jacobs said...

Paris, you have it the nail SQUARE on the head there! I so agree with you.

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