Thursday, July 30, 2009

Of novels and laundromats

My name is Cammie Eicher and I'm addicted to words.

I'm a newbie ... not to the writing world, since I've made my living writing for newspapers for somethun, somethun years ... but to the elite circle of published authors.

I'm thrilled that RP will be publishing my vampire romantic suspense series, starting with "Out of the Shadows" next March. I'm also a little anxious about entering this whole new world. Which leads me to a little story.

My washer's gone to the great appliance store in the sky so I've become the queen of laundromats. My experience must show because a strange man came up to me, uncertainty written across his face, and said, "What do you do if the washer won't open up when it's done?"

Oviously, a laundromat virgin. I sent him to the convenience store next door that operates the laundromat. He thanked me ... and then asked for advice on the dryers.

Use the big ones, I advised. They're hotter and cost less.

We discussed the specifics of his laundry and decided it could all go into one dryer. I also passed along the tip to check his clothes before the dryer stopped in case he needed to add money. If you add while the dryer's tumbling, it's a quarter; wait until it stops and it takes fifty cents to start it back up.

With this bond between us, he felt the need to chat. Which is okay. Total strangers target me for conversations, and some of them have been real doozies.

The laundromat guy was fine. It seems like he put his house up for sale, expecting it to take several months to sell. It took three weeks, so everything that didn't fit in the camper he's using as temporary housing is in a storage unit.

He felt the need to explain that he was good at doing laundry, just that he'd never used a laundromat before. My function, I think, was to serve as his security blanket during this first time.

I know how the guy feels. I've written all my life. I've got a wall full of awards for writing on the wall behind my desk. Yet as I begin the grand adventure of seeing the world in my head become a published reality, I feel a whole lot like my laundromat buddy.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing ... but it's nice to know there's a safety net there, too.


Jennifer Johnson said...

What an honor to be the first to comment. Has it hit you yet that even though you're published, you still have to do laundry? Oh, well, fodder for the next vampire book. Who does the vampire laundry anyway? Do they sweat?

Genella deGrey said...

Hi Cammie! What an endearing story. The coolest thing about a Laundromat is that you can do five loads at once (provided the machines are open) in the same time it takes to do one load at home. :)

Jennifer - If the vampire is hot enough, I'll do his laundry.


Magdalena Scott said...

Cammie, I think you've got the right attitude! Now, just remember, always carry business cards, so next time someone asks you for laundry advice, you can also draw him/her into becoming a fan of your romances.

Great blog!

Maddie James said...

Cammie, what a wonderful blog. I know for a fact that you are going to do fine in this new realm of publishing...because I know YOU and that you are truly not a newbie, not really, you're just looking at what you are doing from the different side of the book. :) By the way, would you believe that my dryer died 8 months ago and I've still not replaced it...and that I've yet to visit the laundromat? I don't recommend that, however, because it is really difficult to hang sheets in your house to dry, but I manage... I guess I need to go bit the bullet sometime.

Anyway, great blog and welcome to the RP family!

Teresa Reasor said...

I'm so pleased your vampire series is finally going to press!!!!

I've been waiting for it.

And I loved the story about the laundromat guy.

We're here for you and will be part of your safety net!!!
Teresa Reasor

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