Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blogger come lately....

So here I sit, nearly 10 p.m. on April 14, and I'm skimming down through the "Blogs I Read" section of my own blog and I say to myself, "Hm. No one has blogged on Romantic Gems since Ann Cory did her poetry. "

And then I smack myself upside the head. Today is April 14. I blog on Romantic Gems on the 14th of every month. I know it's the 14th because that is my birthday day...except in October. Still, I thought it would be an easy way for me to remember the day I am supposed to blog.

Evidently, NOT.

But never fear, I have a little over two hours to post the blog and smooth-sail my way back to working on my current wip before bed-time.

So, what to blog about...what to blog about....

Well, there is this. How about a What's going on with Maddie these days blog?


Here goes.

What's going on item #1: Did you know I'm now a National Romance Novel examiner for Examine.com? This week some of my highlights were articles about the Amazonfail snafu and one about romance novels and the economy. You'll also find some cool author interviews on there as well. To see my column, click here.

What's going on item #2: I discovered Tweetdeck this week. Now, I've been Twittering for a while and occasionally post a link, or an "I'm doing this..." kind of tweet, but once I discovered Tweetdeck, a whole new experience opened up for me. It's like, wow, all of my tweets and replies and hashtags and retweets collided into one nice uniform package that is so, well, deckable. In short, it is now my new addiction. Of course, I've since learned that Tweetdeck is sort of passe now, and that there is even something more super-tweetable than that, but I refuse to give into the Nambu thing until much, much later... Please give me a tweet at http://twitter.com/maddiejames

What's going on item #3: I'm in full-blown menopause. I'm sure of it. Oh? You don't want to hear my symptoms. Listen to me bitch and comisserate? Well, okay then...

What's going on item #4: I'm on deadline. I'm trying not to bitch and commiserate. In fact, the book is sailing along quite nicely. I love the title of this one: Dates du Jour. It's a little bit speed dating and speed eating and matchmaking all tied up into one neat little story package. It won't be out until summer. I know. Bummer.

What's going on item #5: Hot Crossed Buns was released this week! This is book two in The Matchmaking Chef series. Book one came out a couple of months ago. That would be Perfectly Matched. Dates du Jour, is book three. And there are two more after that! These are all novellas and are spin-off stories from the Ladies of Legend books I write with Jan Scarbrough, Janet Eaves and Magdalena Scott. But, this Matchmaking Chef series is a series of my very, very own.

Hey, here is the cover for Hot Crossed Buns. Dontcha love it?

So that's it. Nothing else going on. Except my daughter is having a jewelry party in a couple of weeks at my house and there will be food and drink and jewels and all that stuff. Wanna come?


Devon Matthews said...

Maddie, congrats on the Examiner position! And congrats on the series releases! My condolences on the menopause though. Started through it 15 yrs. ago. (hey, I was very early!) Thought I was dying. Was shocked when I learned it was the big M. That's behind me now and I no longer have hot flashes. Nor do I have the terrible mood swings and bouts of temper. I actually feel chilly a lot of the time, (probably because I no longer have a single hormone left in my body) but it took nearly 15 years to get to this point. Ack!!!

Maddie James said...

Devon, my only consolation to thinking about 15 years of symptoms is that I think I've already gone through 14 of them. The last year, I think, is the whammo! year, at least for me. Good to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel...

How is your writing coming along?

Devon Matthews said...

Maddie, the writing is going well. After being away from it for so long, it took me a while to get back in the groove, but I'm there. Yay! I'm working on finishing up a single title historical project. After that, I have a series about four brothers planned and I hope to turn up the heat a bit with them. Pretty ambitious, for me, but I'm excited about it. Thanks for asking!

jingersnaps said...

Only fifteen years? I should be coming to the end of my misery then! I hope so! I became a menopausal monster when I was barely 30--surgically induced mensanity. Allergies to different HRTs kept me as a beyotch on wheels. Nice to know I've only got another 4 years or so before I should be seeing the light--not the train!


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