Saturday, March 7, 2009


Last night I went to visit my best friend. She called and said she had an emergency and she needed my help. Filled with concern I raced to her side...Only to learn her emergency was she had made a huge pineapple upside down cake and needed help in eating it. YUM!

Yes, she's twisted.

While we were enjoying our cake and company there was shouting and yelling, screaming and fighting. She shrugged and said it was just the neighbors going at it again. Not long there was screaming and shouting for help. We tracked the sound to the same house, she grabbed the phone while I went to investigate.

There was a man standing near her and from a distance I wasn't sure what the situation was. As I moved closer I saw the man wasn't alone, there were three of them--all police officers. I told her to put the phone down and we sat on the deck to watch the excitement.

An ambulance arrived without sirens but with lights. We watched medics move around the scene, no one appeared to be trying to comfort the hysterical woman, the gurney was never pulled from the ambulance, shrieks and pleadings continued to fill the air.

Why didn't they comfort the woman? Why were the police there? Where was the husband and the child that lived with her? Questions without answers...

Before long the ambulance leaves--without rendering aid to the poor woman. Screaming and pleading tore the air while cops paced the yard.Then suddenly she screamed "please help me! I didn't do anything!"

Curiouser and curiouser...

They handcuffed her and put her in the back of a cruisers then drove away. The second cop jumped into his car and left. The third cop moved to his vehicle, returned with what appeared to be crime scene tape and a camera.

She killed him...

We watched him take pictures for almost half an hour then suddenly he just got in his car and left. Without waiting for anyone to take over the scene, without putting up the tape.She didn't kill him?

Curiosity is killing me. If she didn't kill him, why were they taking pictures? If she did kill him, why did the cop leave without securing the scene?

Does it mean we're twisted that we automatically assumed there had been a murder? OR does the fact I write romantic suspense and she's in school to be a Crime Scene Investigator color the way we view the world? OR does it have to do with the day and age we live in?

What is your opinion?


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Resplendence Publishing said...

LOL!! Great post :) I love twisted friends!!

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