Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yah! 5 Star Review for Lady of the Mountain

Yah, I received five cups review from Coffee Times Romance! I'm so excited.

Drucilla Roberts was raised in purgatory by her mother and then locked in a mountain her entire life. When her mother brings her a visitor saying it is her father, Drucilla agrees to enchant him with Merlin's staff. When she is told three men approach to steal the staff and take the father she has only just met, Drucilla is willing to go to great lengths to protect what she loves.
Braen Ambrosius is the last heir of Merlin. Only he does not have the staff. After a long and difficult hunt, he now knows where the staff has been taken. He just needs to convince a warlock and a sorcerer to help him get into the mountain. What he does not expect is to be hassled by the projection of the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.
Drucilla is trying to stop Braen from reaching her mountain, but she cannot find it in herself to kill him. Projecting her image, she soon learns more than she knows how to handle. Both of Braen's companions are her brother's, one from each parent. And Braen has an effect on her body she cannot control, not that she is sure she wants to.
The relationship between Drucilla and Braen is difficult in that they have not physically met. Ms. Armstrong brings them together in a clever and magical way. Leaving no doubt in the reader's mind how they feel about each other. The vitality in this story is greatly helped by the brother's love/hate relationship. Their antics and loyalty are both funny and unbreakable. This is the fourth book of the Celtic Witch Series and continues the high standards we have come to expect from Ms. Armstrong. I, for one, am anxiously waiting for what promises to be an explosive final book.
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Cursed to live alone inside a mystical mountain, Drucilla survives by one source of magick: the legendary staff of Merlin. It brings light to the darkness, food and shelter, granting her every desire except the warm touch of a man. However, an evil presence lurks within the shadows, waiting and watching while a wizard plots to steal the only thing keeping her alive…Merlin’s staff.

The quest for Merlin’s staff is more than an obsession—it consumes Bryan Ambrosius’ every waking thought. Being the descendant of Merlin has brought with it only legends and swooning maidens. He needs the staff to restore his ancestral powers. If he fails, ill fortune will plague his family for eternity and he will never be the powerful wizard he was destined to be.

Will a determined wizard save a defiant sorceress from a secret demise only he can foresee? Or will he sacrifice the heart of his quest for the heart of an enemy…the lady of the mountain?

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