Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone,

JJ here again. It’s a New Year. Time to start fresh. Winter fun is all around us (yes that was said with a hint of sarcasm). While we haven’t had any real wintry mush we’re supposed to get some before the week is out. I hope it holds off for a few more days. My alter-ego has a book signing on Saturday (my first!), and if it gets messy no one will come.

Another reason I hope the mush holds off, today is my little Alyx’s first birthday. Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday we were pacing the waiting room waiting for her to be born. Now she’s crawling and has even figured out how to escape her playpit. Little stinker. I adore her. So, if the weather gets nasty the celebration may have to be postponed. I know she won’t know the difference at this stage but still…

What a difference a year makes. Isn’t she adorable:

I'm not a proud Elisi or anything...riiiiiight...
I’m also in the process of waiting to hear on a couple of manuscripts I submitted to my editor before the holidays. I’m anxious and hopeful! Meantime I’ve got a tale that’s possessed me to the exclusion of all other works in progress. This is another horror/thriller. While it’s not romance it may have a few romantic elements in it—maybe. I have to wait for the voices to tell me where it’s heading. So far it’s pretty great. I have to admit I’m even kind of freaking myself out! I wonder if Stephen King ever did that…Or James! Did you ever come up with something so off the wall you wondered if maybe you came slightly unhinged? Probably not—I’ve been unhinged all my life, ask my family (GGG)

Well, think it’s time to head off. Morgan Creek (the working title for this MS) is calling my name.

Have a terrific month and may 2009 be a happy, healthy and successful year for all!



Magdalena Scott said...

JJ, what darling pictures! I hope the weather will hold for her birthday party. Then next month you can post pictures of a darling little girl with cake on her face, right? Have fun!

Oh--and to answer your question, I freak myself out every day...first thing in the morning, when I look in the mirror. Eek!

Seneca said...

Aw, she is so darn cute :)
Happy First Birthday!

jingersnaps said...

The official party is on Sunday, so we would have more time. Wednesdays are hectic here. Thank you! I happen to think she's the most beautiful baby around...yeah I admit I might be just a sqig >< biased

Hugz! And be watching next month for the pictures!

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