Friday, May 7, 2010

Hey O!

By the time this entry will have posted itself automatically--don't you just love technology? But I'm not in my office. I needed to escape for a while. My mother wanted to head to the farm for the weekend to spend time with Daddy and work on their new house.

I decided to take off and go with her because I personally need a break. I need it for a couple of reasons.

One reason is I've been a VERY busy little woman lately. I FINALLY finished Morgan Creek. WOOHOO! YIPPEE! YEAH! Let me tell you, this little novel is AWESOME! I read it through a couple of times and have to say STEPHEN KING EAT YOUR HEART OUT! My story ROCKS!

I'm sorry, does that sound a little Diva? You've got to understand that while I know my books are pretty good, and I love each story, this is the first one that I have HONESTLY seen as a MAJOR contender against some of the greatest known names in horror!

I submitted the book to my editor on April 28th. I know there's going to be a bit of time before I hear any response and rather than sitting here chewing my nails and checking the inbox every five seconds, leaving town is a pretty great option. I'll be working with mom in the house, with dad in the fields and taking some time to sneak off on the ATV and maybe start the prep of opening up our summer place--Bug bombing the trailer, making sure the roof isn't missing shingles from the recent tornadoes, replacing the flooring, mopping, scrubbing, sweeping, etc. Yep, total relaxation...HEHEHEHEH

In personal issues, my DH is still in search for that elusive job. He's made a few connections and applied for a job that will require a major move. I'm praying he gets this one but by the same token I'm not really up for a move. I mean right now my babies live less than five minutes from me. This move would seperate us by a couple hundred miles and several hours. That would be sheer hell.

Of course I've already looked at homes for sale in the probable relocation city and have found three I absolutely LOVE. In a perfect world my babies would pack up and we'd all move together. Living in houses that connect with back yards, jobs near each other--the works.

Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world. Heart ache and tearful farewells are part and parcel of this world.

Then again the Big Man Upstairs could throw us a ringer and job will pop up here--all this sadness and searching will have been nothing but a test...

So what are YOU doing this weekend?

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