Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shhh... It's a secret! (cross-post from Magdalenaville)

Since I just remembered it is my day to blog, and since I have no creative thoughts, I'm cross-posting this one time. Sorry, but you're truly better off this way.

On the morning of Thanksgiving Day, I took a walk. This isn't unusual for me. What was unusual was that I saw two city police vehicles in the first few blocks. I met the first one and waved; the officer waved with more animation than I expected. The second police vehicle was following me. (Did I mention I was walking?) I heard the sound of an engine running, and when it didn't go by me after fifty yards or so, I looked around and saw the second cruiser. This one had its lights on.

Usually one pulls over when a police vehicle has its lights on and is following... But. Did I mention I was walking? The officer's window was down and I asked, "Are you looking for something?"

"Oh, no." He kept up with his very slow progress, finally passing me and then pulling off to the side.

The thoughts that went through my mind were that perhaps there was a desperado, or a rogue white tail deer, terrorizing our town, and these guys were looking...

But the officer said he wasn't looking for something. Huh.

As I trudged up a hill, two teenage girls in running gear trotted past me. Well, this never happens. I seldom see even one walker when I'm out, let alone a runner. Another half mile and I headed toward home the same way I had passed originally. I met dozens of walkers and a few runners. Some greeted me by name, others said Happy Thanksgiving.

That's when I realized I had thrown off the police escort for the YMCA walk. Those officers thought I was the leader of the pack! And guess what! It'll just be a secret between you and me that such was not the case.

Magdalena Scott

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