Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Maddie James and I attended the Dogwood Writing Conference, sponsored by the Kentucky Ohio West Virginia chapter of Romance Writers of America, this past weekend. It was my first time to attend, and I definitely hope to go again next year. I did a recap here, including a few pictures.

When Maddie, Jan Scarbrough, Janet Eaves, and I go to things like this, our Ladies of Legend series always comes up in conversation somewhere along the way. People want to know how we work together to create the stories, the town, the series.

Well...we share information. We have town map, and a list of characters that grows with each story in the series. Each of us uses her strengths to help the group.

Same thing with our group blog. At SisterWriters this week, we're saluting the Kentucky Derby. Jan, our horse expert, is writing several posts. Chef Maddie will throw a Derby Party with food on the blog Saturday. I'll do something silly sometime during the week, and Janet will contribute if she gets a chance in her ultra busy schedule. And if not, that's fine. Because the best thing about the SisterWriters is that we have each other. Come visit us!

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Devon Matthews said...

It's remarkable that the four of you are able to work so well together. Congratulations to you and the Sisterwriters on all your Ladies of Legend books!

Magdalena Scott said...

Well hey there, Devon! Thanks for dropping in.

Legend has a special place in our hearts. That makes all the difference.

Jennifer Madden said...

I haven't gotten through them all yet, but the ones I have read are awesome. I think you girls came up with a great idea.

Magdalena Scott said...

Thanks, Jennifer! I'm so glad you're enjoying the stories.

Aleka Nakis said...

I have read them, and all four of you have done a wonderful job of creating a real place for your readers to visit. I love the characters and the stories, plus, I can see it all happening in my mind. You drop lines about follow-ups and other characters in a very fine manner.

Congrats, ladies. Your success says so much about teamwork!

Magdalena Scott said...

Thank you so much, Aleka! You are certainly a great example of a team player.

cameronsharpe said...

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